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Trip to London


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I was in London yesterday, with time to kill, and so I decided to do a little fur sight-seeing.


Lots of furs being worn out on the street, as it was bitterly cold (and here was me without a coat!), some faux but also some real. A few minks and quite a few fox collars and trimmings. Nice


But my ultimate visit was to Nobel furs, just off Regent Street. I was suprised to see a big window full of furs displaying a shop that was equally well stocked with racks of minks and foxes against every wall. I'd somehow expected everything to be hidden from view.


I plucked up the courage to buzz and go in, and was greeted by an extremely friendly man. We talked for some time about the current market and I spent a most enjoyable period of time being shown some of the stock. He was even happy to give me an idea of what it would take to re-line my blue fox too (something I've been trying to do elsewhere without success for some time), which turned out not to be as bad as I thought.


So I think another trip to the Capital is in order - this time with my blue fox for repair and maybe my full length crystal to part-ex for something else...


Anone else who finds themsleves in the City, I recommend a visit whole heartedly.

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I've visited Noble's a couple of times and found their prices to be a little higher than other, more remote, London furriers. Their stock is nice though although they may be a little hesitant to let men try on their furs. It's not bad and in a good location but there are cheaper and more welcoming places to buy fur in London.



Mr Mockle

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