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"...it's like comparing apples and oranges!"


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I just got back from dinner with a few friends from work; we got into a tremendous fit of arguing (as usual) over the validity of actually comparing apples to oranges in architecture, then it sank somewhere into our dessert and digestivi (after-dinner cocktails). Of course, I had to google away immediately...has anyone ever seen this site? Funny stuff.




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The whole idea that makes the saying "Comparing apples to oranges" work in the first place is that they DO have similarities.


They are both fruit that contain seeds to procreate the plant. And, as the article says, they are both chemically similar.


But, as JGalanos says, they are different as night and day. (To turn another phrase.)


If you didn't have comparable qualities between apples and oranges, the metaphor wouldn't work because there'd be no REASON to compare them.


The saying would be a total non-sequitur like comparing ketchup to a radio.

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Oh, people call me Daffy, they say that I am gooney.

Just because I'm happy is no sign I'm Looney Tuney.

When they call me nutsy, that sure gives me a pain.

Please pass the ketchup, I think it's going to rain.

Oh, you can't bounce a meatball, though try with all your might.

Turn on the radio, I want to fly a kite!

Good evening, frieeeeeeeends...



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