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uk fur lovers (midlands)

Guest bigfurz

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There's a few of us male fur fans in the Midlands, but it doesn't look like too many female ones (at least not on here - sigh). Looks like you need to find yourself a girl to convert to a fur fan - go on, it's not as hard as you might think...

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Looks like there may be no fur loving gals willing to talk to you out there. But I do think that we have a new posting member here.

Welcome to the site BigF! It is really great to have another new member in the new Den.

Hope that you have a really great time on our little site here.


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There were plenty of ladies from cheltenham from the midlands in fur, so they are out there. Saw a beautiful blonde in silver fox at Jacksons on the stratford road in solihull a few weeks ago.


However as someone else suggested.......when first chatting up a lady I always gauge their reaction to a variety of things like smoking, furs etc in order to see if theres any point persevering. Very very few women will actually say no to fur unless they think you are anti.....most love it.From there you may find a soul mate!!!


Welcome bigfurz



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