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Pseudo Science at work again

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One of the main diferences between US and UK culture is that we don't use "analysts". It is most peoples belief here that psychiatry is pseudo science.

However in a remarkable break from this tradition it has recently come to light that one in ten children in the UK have a "psychological problem" all of a sudden.

Trouble is with witchfinders is they need jobs.

What I observe myself is that it is alienation and living in a modern society with decay of guidance structure and replacement by a marketing one, that is causing such trauma; and we don't need shrinks to tell us that and end up stigmatising individual children.


As you probably know, I have grave misgivings about the amount of respect given by modern society to science anyway, often citing that post WWII a nurse in the NHS used to have to be HISTORY trained to balance the doctors diagnosis: that history trains the mind in a different way of thinking.


Howver, while researching this, and the "witchunt" effect of science, I came across something extremely disturbing while preparing to debunk a

common mistake in Psychology for another forum I am working on. I was remebering how ten years ago psychologists were using hypnosis to plant suggestions of ritual satanic abuse remember? What has happened to all those jerks. Are they locked up now? Ahhhhhh....wait. Looks like something similar may still be afoot.


Now this may be the rantings of a lunatic, but what worries me is that others are working in a similar direction.


There appears to me at the moment to be a demonisation of other cultures going on at a subliminal level throughout society. As you also may know, a field of special interest to me is anthropology and history. It is so easy to take something out of context with evidence of a behaviour and see it as generally applying to that culture.


Now Please tell me why the USA is so in a state of heightened awareness re racism, when expressions like this are expressed dressed up in pseudo science. I don't know whether the origins of this are in Puritanism or the same kind of thing that resulted in Nazism....but I know he is not the only psychologist who believes it.


This was given in a speech to the National parenting Council. WTF is that?


Please do NOT read this if you are easily shocked:




Apparently nearly ALL human cultures apart from "modern nations" have and are abusing children. What a bunch of utter nonsense; and also it assumes we have "cleansed" it from our society: also nonsense. But it is rare in all human cultures; and what is more where "normal" there is no trauma. Trauma results from difference. Remember how scared and alone and disturbed you wre before you found out other like fur? And now you are "healed"? So at certain times in Ancient Egypt for eample, a mother or aunt would have to have sex with the male child at around 14. They were not traumatised as it was normal; Indeed incest was the result of not breaking a taboo but the ensuring of what they thought of as purity of blood for reproduction. So this "poison container" argument is claptrap: at least when seen as social norm and explaining all child abuse.


Exactly the same arguments were given incidentally by Nazi scientists and science trained archeologists and anthropologists. They revelled in finding

primitive cultures to be "bestial" "unenlightened" and "evil" by using evidence to prove a hypothesis rather than using it as a detective does to list a range of possibilities; including "isolated and untypical event". Okay sometimes these events become mainstream (as with human sacrifice with the Aztecs) but generally a taboo is a taboo. This guy may aswell be saying all primitive cultures are cannibals because of one or two isolated cannibal cultures which the motive for that is misunderstood.


Of course it is utter CRAP. Someone should forward this to the Indian Embassy in the US and get this guy locked up.


More of his pseudo psycho analysis of humanity :




Apparently we are at war in Iraq because President Bush had a smack as a child


Of course what terrifies me is that ideas like this become mainstream in influencing various lobby groups: this could be used by the Liberals OR the christian right in suggesting that ONLY the enlightened state, using the Top child psychlogists, has the right to guide parents. In EXACTLY the same way that both communist and fascist ideology did.




The Institute is chartered by the State of New York as a not-for-profit educational corporation, the Association for Psychohistory, Inc.,


oh dear. What next then?

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Remember this: It is a logical fallacy to use a principle of logic to prove or disprove itself. (Circular Reasoning.)


It is ALSO fallacious to use a principle to prove or disprove a theory which proves or disproves the original. (Again, Circular Reasoning.)


Furthermore, if you prove somebody else's theory wrong, you have not necessarily proven YOUR theory correct.


For example:


There is an old saying, "The customer is always right."

But I think that saying is bunk. But, since I am a customer (of your store) I must, by your own admission, be RIGHT. But if I am right, you are wrong. If you are wrong then I can not be right. Can I?


Do you see how the logic is faulty?

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