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Gallery Picture Referencing for the Technically Impared

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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This is the FILE of Tile [Cindy crawford in Fox]


http://vdsden.thefurden.com/cpgfd/displ ... 84&pos=172


The File is NOT [FILE 173/215 at the time I took this]. Please DO NOT USE THIS TO SAY WHAT PICTURE IT IS. It will be different tomorrow.


Before this picture is clicked up to the Link, when it is one of 30 other Thumbnail pictures of the "Celebs in Fur" Album there is a bunch of "meaningless" letters and numbers just below the Thumbnail picture followed by a .jpg


In this case it is VFMNK064.JPG


This is the FILE NAME!!!!!!


Anyone can now take this File Name and go to "Search" in The Gallery, enter this "Name" and find this picture. Be sure to check the little box labeled "Filename".


For the eternity of The Gallery this will be the File Name of this particular picture. Please use this even if you learn to post the "link" http address.


Cut and Paste is a good first thing to learn to do.


Writen by a recently graduated Senior TechnoKlutz.





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A number of points to make over The Gallery uploading proceedures. Some of this is a repeat.


Most that want to, have gotten the hang of actually uploading or they soon learn. It's certainly easy enough thanks to the construction of this Site and AK's skill. There are also ample instruction for tose that start.


I want to discuss what to put with the puctures .. not so much the pictures themselves.


This is due to the things I've discovered over time that sould be with the pictures to make them more usable, user friendly and make our tasks easier posting them. Like bagging your own groceries at the Market.


1 - Put as much description as you can with the picture. Fur type, who it might be, film title, or any other pertinent information. There are no severe limitations on text.


2 - Image size if it is over approx. 1000 pixels in any dimention or over 500KB. The Dial-up issue.


3 - If it is a new Album like Long Hair please review the gallery content before uploading a lot of pictures. As The Gallery gets ever larger there is an increasing chance the picture is already posted in one of the older and larger Albums. We would like to reduce duplications since it takes up unnecessary digital space and pictures take up a lot.


We certainly don't want to restrict the size of any worthy picture but on the other hand we don't want to duplicate many 1.3MB pictures. We have a surprising number contrary to other Fur Sites. One source of the pride we have in our Gallery.


4 - The "Last Comments" Tab at the top of "Category". This is TOTALLY UNUSED!!!! Please use it.

We should be talking about our pictures more.


Would like AK or Worker to discuss the "My Favorites" Tab.


5 - Finally the pictures themselves. I hope those of you with substantial picture files would get either a simple version of Photoshop, GIMP or other simple program like that to at least lighten, darken or increase the contrast on some of your pictures for greater viewing pleasure. They will also allow you to change them to .jpg or .gmp if necessary.


Think I'll also tack this post on to The Fur Den post on The Gallery Pictures.



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Re Comments. It seems to me that "Comments" are turned off right now. However, I could be thinking of something else. You might want to ask AK on that one as the tech expert here.


I seem to remember asking about that a few months back and it was decided not to use them in order to keep comments in the Den on individual photos.


I would like to hear your comments on this though.



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Comments ARE allowed for images in all albums. Comments should be just that - short comments. Any discussion of an image in the Gallery should be done in the proper forum.

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For all folks uploading pictures please follow there simple rules.


I have talked about these in the past and I hope you will all be dilligent in your uploading.


1- All pictures when possible please list the fur type in the comments box when uploading. On eBay pictures this is often in the sellers Description.


2- Please list the eBay sellers monaker or 'name'.


Posting all the pictures in The Gallery is a big enough job without having to look up things that you members have at hand when you find the picture.


We want the pictures to contain as much text information as possible since this is the main way members can access all the pictures.



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