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The Definitive List of Modern Films that feature fur(s)

Guest furelli

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What amazes me is how little there is on Consuela de Haviland on the net.


She was in 37.2 Matin (Betty Blue 37.2 degrees in the morning). So how come she hasn't got the fame of many actresses yet is amazing?


Anyway, It is wonderful to see her in that indigo fox; thnks Furelli!



Now I assume anyone can add movies to one of these threads with their review, and then after a couple of weeks we collate them and store them in the wiki for easy reference and eventually when people have the idea and it starts to build, they can just add in direct , correct?


It is really great because I haven't encountered any info on any of these movies just the pics, so you end up wondering if its just a quick shot of the fur or whetehr it is more than that. Hopefully now, we can all share our knowledge and build the archive into something really special.

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