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The Definitive List of TV Shows that feature Fur(s)

Guest furelli

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Wow great start! That is new to me , but having looked it up I also notice she smokes in SeeSaw. ( I suggest an "S" if the fur character smokes and a "N" for nudity or sex )

The silver fox looks awesome; and she is a cracker too. Also, I dare say a few people would like to know if she gets raunchy in it (like naked or in the sack...especially if its in the fur). Also brief plot synopsis; is she a "baddie" or brief character description too. How does she come by the fur?


Now how do we get these catalogued in the wiki?


1.What area of the wiki?

2.How do we get the fur image rating system up?

3.So we need two seperate areas for tv and movies?

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Leaving aside the subjectivity of some of the classifications, this is a good attempt in your three threads here to collate such information .. but ... before it gets too out of hand you (we) really need a proper database to record this. A growing lists of posts on certain threads that is difficult to search after the first couple of pages - think about how many posts furs in "Dynasty" or "Dallas" alone would take up. Similar lists of fur clips have been created before, in the FML and some other forums.


I've asked AK before about whether we have such facilities currently here (on this webhost) and his last answer was that we didn't but of course that may change over time. Are you planning to keep a database, spreadsheet or some similar list of the replies in the meantime?



Mr Mockle

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