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Lynx fur

Guest minkwoman

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It's not much to look at. However, the feel is just incredible! Very, very soft. Extremely thick, luxurious fur.


I have never liked the boring earth tones of this fur.


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Vince you know why.


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The trapping of lynx like any animal is regulated by strict law. Toothed traps are illegal. The practice is therefore not cruel; and anyone thinking so has a poor understanding of modern hold traps.



The export of lynx is also regulated by CITES.


The lynx is in far more danger of extinction in areas where it has not been hunted for fur for years. The real danger is changes in agriculture towards intensive cereal crops etc which has pushed lynx prey (hare etc) to extinction. Pyrenees hunters noticed years ago that the lynx was in sharp decline as a result of this. Shame people don't realise this when they demand cheap food at the checkout.

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