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I will be getting the discs done this week...anyone who wants one pm me please with address. If your happy on receipt please contribute to Mr mockles photo shoot.


I promise you will never look at s/c again.......but claire is NOT to be posted on the net.........I dont want to risk this....she is the best ever..and entirely clothed but the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

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Great to hear that at least one of our number actually got to experience Cheltenham "in the flesh" - sadly all I could do was watch Channel 4`s tv coverage and play `spot the fur`. I did expect to see a reasonable amount amongst the crowds but it was a very pleasant surprise to see one of the female presenters (Alice Plunkett? Please forgive my ignorance but the only time I ever watch horse racing is when the Cheltenham Festival & the Grand National meeting are on - I guess this is pretty sad coming from someone whose parents were both born and brought up in Newmarket!!!! ) wearing a different fur hat on each of the four days. At least two of them looked distinctly like real fox to me.

There was also a bit of high comedy on Radio 5 during the Festival when one of the commentators interviewed one of the owners and tried to get all politically correct with her for wearing a fur coat - it went something like this -

"I do hope that`s not real fur"

"Absolutely! 100% possum"

"Oh dear. I wish I hadn`t asked now"


"Errrrr........." Cue embarrassed silence and rapid change of subject


Maybe it`s time I started checking out my local course (Fakenham).......



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hi furpunk

it was two of us actually...blackfox went too.


Fakenham would be hit and miss but you would be very unlucky not to spot at least a few on a cold day.


I didnt know about that fur interview....very good.


I think there was a solid show of furs and I think everyone who wore them did so as a staement, and the discussion on the racecourse was incredible.

When I did the shoot dozens of people applauded, came up and gave poitive comments, and many made the link between furs, hunting and protection of wildlife through conservation practices by both.



We must keep the momentum especially while The Inuit are putting up a good show of destroying Paul Mccartneys credibility.


Three quarters of northern forests are in the hands of the fur trade and thats why the animals thrive. Three quarters of horses are in the hands of racing and other equestrianism and thats why horses thrive. A society that does not wish to use animals any more will wipe them out. Its time we united.

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Hi all, especially Touchofsable,

I have just returned from ski-ing in Schladming,Austria,the fur count was really poor-i only saw 5 all week,a silver fox,blue fox,mink jacket,mink coat and a racoon coat. The previous week at Cheltenham was just awesome,great company,great racing and some stunning furs-especially the young lady touch has mentioned.Even as a fur lover for many years she really made you go weak at the knees,absolutely stunning and wearing a silver fox jacket she had all the guys drooling and i was privledged to escort her to put the bets on- .All in all just a great week,any of you who can spare the time should really get in touch with touchofsable about the fashion show this Thursday-should be amazing and a real eye opener for some !!!!!! It is great looking at fur pictures on the net but nothing like seeing them close up and real on living flesh-especially beautiful women-roll on Thursday.


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Mind if I nab a copy of this disc, ToS? This is definitely too good an opportunity to miss!! Also, thanks for the tips for the Grand National - will have to make a note of those!!



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