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Deborah Kerr and Loretta Young in furs

Guest touchofsable

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Deborah Kerr.

I haven't seen it, but I would say "An Affair to Remeber" looks good. Anyone seen it?





Another actress in "Colonel Blimp":





Now Deborah doesn't wear fur in this movie but there is a stunning blonde passenger on the bus that does in mink (and smokes too) who is in it throughout; often just tantalising glimpses but very nice. This may refresh your memory of the movie. I watched it on TCM about 50 times lol!



Deborah in The Hucksters:




Loretta Young


The Bishop's Wife:



Eternally Yours:




Call of The Wild:








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An Affair to Remember is a notorious chick flick, one of those with situations that almost never happen in reality (like a B action movie, on the other side of the coin). If you do see it, just fast forward to all the fur scenes and ignore the rest.

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Okay...we will use that as a review in the wiki!

How many actresses/scenes have furs and what kind?




On max three for quality and max three quantity of furs; and out of five I think we did it for as a general movie. Remember we have chicks here...so think of it from thir point of view too!

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