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New Jackets

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Two new favorites.


Went up to Vancouver, B.C. today and picked up two more jackets.


A Bill Blass gray pigskin suede with gray sheared Beaver lining [can reverse it] and a dark brown Bananna Republic cowhide jacket with dark brown Alaska Fur Seal lining inluding fully in sleeves. My conservative jacket.


Both are super soft. The highest quality fur and new leather jackets. Competition for my other favorite. My Lynx/Bobcat [not sure which?] lined Buckskin jacket. The jacket and fur were both used but it's so incrediby comfortable to wear and everyone loves it.


Guys, if you don't have something like this you don't know what you're missing!!


All four are very well put together. The fourth is my brown suede and Mink lined and hooded jacket. More to come. Next is a dark Mink fully lined L.L. Bean yellow rain parka. Need that here in the upper left hand corner.


All because I hate black.


Soon as I get pictures I'll post them.



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Might want to list >Ace of Suedes< in the Links somewhere.


They are the ones doing such a fine job on remodeling my jackets.


Though not a Furrier by listing theyremodel and clean furs as well as what they have done for me at a very righteous price.


Gisela has done all the work for me. She's listed under Fur Cleaning and Alterations.


I talked them into PayPal also for dealing with currency exchange issues.






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