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Something we will all have to think about one day


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Please allow me to introduce myself.

I first came onto this site a while ago, when I was in high school

I have 2 fake furs (identical) that I wear at the same time, one inside out, inside the other one. Both are hooded. Among other things.


I would say I've paid my 'fur dues.'


Like alot of you, I've been a diehard since I was about 6


On to my question.


Since we are mere mortals, and sooner or later, health problems will catch up to us in life, has anyone ever decided to have their favorite fur in the hospital with them, say, if they are terminally ill with cancer? If you are in need of an organ? Or any scenario which involves your last coherent days being in a hospital?


Are any of you gonna request that, when you pass on, you wear fur while in your coffin for the rest of eternity?


Your thoughts?

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At 70 I have given this some though.


I'll be cremated so furs in the coffin is not an issue.


As my inheritance most certainly. Not decided to who yet.


I plan on keeping them with me for as long as practicable.


I haven't grown out of loving furs yet.


Welcome to posting if not The Fur Den.



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Hi and welcome to the Den! No, my furs will not accompany me to the hospital. They haven't in the past, they won't in the future, but that's just me. 8)



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My girlfriend wore her fur to hospital and refused to let it leave her sight.

All the nurses were coming to have a "feel" and making very nice complimentary comments. One of the nurses from the afternoon that evening was in the local pub near the hospital and cam over to talk to me. She was wearing a ribbed blue fox! She said seeing my girlfriend didn't have anything but compliments had given her courage, and everyone in the pub complimented her on hers too.


I think there is a definite theraputic healing quality about furs and would not hesitate to take one.


EDIT: on the other side of the coin...death....woudln't anyone like to think of their furs being "used" for enjoyment by somone else when they are gone?

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