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Faux fur to be featured at Britain's M & S this Fall ...


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I agree totally. It is indeed a very good sign when the use of faux fur increases. Someone posted a link to a glow in the dark faux fur just recently. In fact, might have been you as I recall.


There were a lot of negative comments. However, there you have a site promoting faux fur, even for the guys. "And indeed, there is one very, very good side". I would be willing to bet that in a few years many of the folks wearing those faux furs will be back wanting the real thinng.



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Yes I agree. Also this in particular looks high quality faux. Of course, the negative side of it is that it is made of petrol and doesn't last as long as the real thing but takes ages to biodegrade. BUT after two years of wearing a faux my girfriend decided that the real thing was more eco friendly AND cost effective in the long run. She looked at replacing her faux and saw tht he prices in London were getting on for a Grand from places like Nicole Farhi.

As we had contact then with native peoples, and also had seen fur farms and saw them to be really excellent in terms of welfare, the choice was clear: especially with the prospect of re using through ebay at a far lower price.


So hopefully you are correct and that people will demand the real thing;

the chain stores desperately trying to cash in on the demand for fur by using faux is an admission of that. Britiish fashion magazines and TV are making themselves look ridiculous by trying to ignore what every designer is putting out as the main thing of their collections; and the stores know it. Okay they aren't going with real yet, but they will when people start demanding it....as Harrods did.

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