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Nice link with a few celebrities


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Excellent find! I would say Joyce Giraud (is she the beauty queen who had some problems or something?) seems to appreciate the furs espcially!


Nice to see Glenn Close in furs and some of the other celebs.


One of the furs I really like is the mouton dyed leopard. I think as a fur this has all the exotic look with a lot more plush softness than leopard. I have a vintage leopard/leather in excellent condition but though the pelt is supple the fur is coarse. As it is in the most part illegal...or if CITES approved very expensive, this is a wonderful and in my opinion superior in terms of softness and look if its done well, option to most big cats.


Of course the dying of mouton to look like big cat is not new...there were some lovely examples of it from the forties onwards. So its nice to see it back as I am particularly fond of it; especially coupled with fox collars etc.



Thanks for the link!

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Wow, that's great! Brook Burns is amazing!


Does anyone know who the other Goddesses are? Taraji Henson? Elise Neal? Michelle Krusiec? Joyce Giraud?


They are all fantastic! Thanks!

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Joyce Giraud was Miss Puerto Rico and I think she should have been Miss World or something but there was a fuss about her eligibility for it. That ring a bell with anyone?

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