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We are trying an experiment that may make the site a bit easier to use for those on dial-up.


We are reducing the number of topics listed per page from 50 to 30.


We are also reducing the number of posts per page from 15 to 10.


Your comments on this change will help determine if it will be permanent or temporary.

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Being a dial up user, myself, I'm all for it!


It will make pages load faster for me because there are less things to load on each page. I don't have to sit there, tapping my feet on the floor, waiting impatiently while the screen finishes loading.


For DSL/Cable users, there are benefits, too.

Each page of information will fit inside your browser window better. You will have to scroll the page less just to read the topics. It will be just "cleaner".


Don't worry, though. You're not losing topics that fall off the bottom of the page. They are still there. They are just on page 2. Click the list of pages at the bottom of the screen and they will load up in just a short time.

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