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Ava Gardner in furs

Guest touchofsable

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I think that first link is from The Barefoot Contessa, which is a movie that is worth watching for more than the furs.

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See? I had no clue as I haven't seen it. We need everyone's input to build a wiki archive of fur movies. Just help us where you can Lord. Please

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Thank you so much for posting the Ava pics, TOS...


As we speak I sit about 10-15 minute from her hometown, grave site, and museum. As a matter of fact there was a captioned (furry) pic w/ Sinatra in today's local paper encouraging people to visit her Museum. Thank you, thank you, and have a nice day.





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Not at all Ticklefur its a pleasure. Ava Gardner's name would be enough to excite me from the age of about 8. She was probably the most beautiful woman in Hollywood for a few years.

Unquestionably. Everyone in Hollywood said so.


If you have any info on furs worn in her movies, please add them to this thread or the wiki fur movie archive once it's up and running.


There is one movie set on a train which she made later in her years in which she wore some nice furs. I can't remeber what it is called; and its a long time since I have seen it; but it would merit some good marks as a fur movie as I recall.


Would be nice to keep this thread going for a bit if anyone else has Ava pics in furs as a bit of a tribute to her.

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