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Ann Margaret


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Don't know if it's been mentioned before...


...anyone seen Ann Margaret in that white fox creation in the rock opera Tommy. I think it would be worth adding to the list. It does get a bit weird when she gets swamped in baked beans!

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Some pics of Ann wearing fur (skirt, cuffs and muff in some) in a shoot from Joel Aronson, in the late 60s.



Ann on a USO tour in 1968 holding her fur coat


Sepia toned picture of Ann wrapped in a fur blanket, hard to tell if it is real such as wolf or bear skin or a good fake


This is my favorite for this post, in color, mink off the shoulder and her hair lit as it is on fire. You have to go to the page for this one.





Edited by Wallee. The pictures were uploaded to the gallery before deletion. They were deleted because we do not allow full size images to be posted.

BWAS. Please feel free to repost the pictures as thumbnail links to the full size pictures in the gallery.

Info on how to do that can be found here.

http://thefurden.com/bbden/viewtopic.php?t=5976End Edit.

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ooooohhhhhh really nice pics thanks....BUT you may be asked to upload them to the gallery and link to a thumbnail here as I think it eats up bandwidth and also is difficult for people on dial up.


When you hav put them in the gallery, just write



and it brings up a thumbnail.


There are also a number of Ann Margret pics in the gallery already including the Lynx in Carnal knowledg. To search, make sure you spell her name right Ann MARGRET

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