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Issues with accessing the gallery with Firefox

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I regularly access the Den and the gallery and the library with Firefox, using any one of about six different computers. I have zero problems. In fact, I'm using Firefox right this second to type this message.


However, that doesn't rule out a problem with Firefox on your end of the line.


What, specifically, is your problem?


I can tell you that, sometimes, if you have problems, deleting old cookies and emptying your cache can resolve them.


Try that and let us know.

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I have had two problems. One is "Old Cookies". If something suddenly does not work, delete you cookies and try again.


The other problem is that often I have to re-enter the Den with "Name, Rank, and Serial Number". Should not need to but it does seem to happen once in awhile for no real reason. I just reenter, and I am away again for a good while.

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One thing that might trip you up is if the two browsers are configured differently.


To login, your browser MUST accept cookies from thefurden.com domain. I suspect your copy of FireFox is set to reject cookies. Check your Preferences.


Also some features use javascript. If your browser rejects javascript from thefurden.com, those features will be unavailable to you.

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I had that problem AK is describing and taking his advice my Firefox has worked well since.



















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Do you use the "NoScript" extension for Firefox?


With it you can whitelist/blacklist sites from being allowed to run javascript on your site.


If this is the case, make sure thefurden.com is whitelisted. (Always allowed.)

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Could someone tell me what the link at the bottom left is for? It reads,"Delete all Board Cookies." On my screen it is right above the category of "Who is online."

The "Delete all board cookies" link does exactly what it says - it sends a request to your browser that causes your browser to delete all cookies previously sent by this forum board. This can be an easy way to clear a cookie based problem, but should not be used while logged in as it would cause the board to not be able to tell that you had already successfully logged in.


Thought this might apply to this thread.



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