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Nice article about a Furrier, an artist and American Indians

Guest touchofsable

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Great article TOS, rather a pity a furrier has to provide the skins for indigenous use!!! Its a strange world full of complete oddities!



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Yes Auzmink its sad.


Some of the restrictions on native people are a gross insult to them. They have Cops swarming all over them all the time in case they kill Eagles; yet the way they live and protect habitat in their traidtional lifestyle is no danger to the Eagle. Yes they shoot the odd one...Eagle feathers are hugely important to them culturally....but it is things that development ..intensive arable industrial and urban...that has brought the Eagle close to danger not the native peoples.


And in some states of the US they are not allowed to hunt. In Mississipi they can hunt deer to eat but are not allowed to use the hide. That is considered wasteful and bad to them. Hide is used in Art : it is the American Indian Canvas.


Where they have autonomy their wildlife management and habitat preservation has become a model to the New Conservation movement.

The Navajo in particular in the US manage wonderful areas abundant in wildlife....but that is Because they hunt. I have Navajo fox fur hats.


If you do an ebay search "native american fur" you can come up with some surprisingly beautiful items btw . One of the most incredible things I ever saw was a full fox pelt made into an archery quiver.

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The Seminoles have been beside themselves after buying the Hard Rock franchise. I love their motto - "buying NYC back, one burger at a time!"



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Of course the First Nations/American Indians don't sell all their pelts and hides; they use some themselves in traditional crafts and ceremonial and practical clothing . Here is a link to an article about how some are rediscovering their owl crafts, such as tanning:




If anyone comes across native aspects of furs please pm me and I can put them into the wiki section on native peoples.

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