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Lets get back at PETA


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Hi everyone! Let's get back at PETA. Lets get their Tax-exempt status taken away by the movement. This is a terrorist group and has no right to be tax exempt. If there tax exsemtion is taken away then a great deal of their moneys will be given to the goverment and not used for their terrorist plots! The same privilege that charitable organizations that truly do good in these world. Please go to this site and add your name to the petition to remove their Tax Exemption!







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Peta is the same as all of the other fanatical groups.


You can bet your life someone is making a lot of money out of it!


And I expect they are doing all the things they are so say against, while all the idiots think that they are fighting a worthy cause (and probably donating a lot money that lines the fat cats' pockets)


People are so gullible

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