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I have a questions...


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Hello everybody! Im new on this forum, so I welcome every lovers of fur. My name is Christopher and Im from Poland.

I love furs, especially from the foxes.

I have a question - why you love the fur? And what fur is favoritue for you?



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Welcome Christopher.


In answer to your questions... sheeeesh where does one begin? I suppose it would help if a certain topic/article I put into Melody was reinstalled here *grin*(not so subtle hint that I did save it)


As for fav fur...... well, maybe fox, lynx, sable...... or blue fox or silver fox or red fox or....


my signature image *grin*

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welcome christopher!


fox is the first favorite for me and makes up most of what i have, with full pelts being tops. i'd love to have sable, but do not yet. mink is lovely in a totally different way, both sheared and natural, but i only have about three pieces out of my collection. sheared knit beaver is fantastic for softness on both sides of the garment .

Coyote is great, but i only have a little collar and some leg warmers made of it... a coat one day would be nice.


i know there are things i forgot....

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Welcome to the Den Chris..

I hope that you really love it here!


As for your questions, the first one would take too long for me to answer at the moment, but as for favorite furs. Probably the light coloured foxes are my most favorite along with lynx!


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Favorite furs...


Most beatiful - Chinchilla


Most sexy on a woman - fox


Most pleasurable to the touch - sheared beaver


sf fur

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