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Awesome fur images: stage version of "Mame"+ Lucy

Guest touchofsable

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I think so anyway; Christine Baranski :




Click on the image below on that page of the huge red fox collar and the chinchilla; it comes up nice and big.


May I ask if anyone has seen the 1974 film versin with Lucille Ball? I saw it years ago, and seem to recall the furs being amazing; though critics panned Lucille's role I think she was made for it. Better than the Rosalind Russell version which I saw much more recently and is okay.


Anyway both films are good ...and this stage version looks as though it was fab...I expect a few of us had Aunties like Mame



Not many fur images on the net from the movie but this one is nice fo her in the red dress to give you an idea of how she could look quite sexy.

Though she was a comedic genius, and pulled some excellent clown expressions, I think its a shame we forget Lucill Ball was a very beautiful woman too. You will see what I mean in the pic of her on here in silver fox too:




a few others there too:


I mean you definitely would wouldn't you? She looks stunning here in fur:


Looking nice and smoking in mink:




Oh Wow. I am getting aroused by Lucille Ball




What a shame we think of her as a clown. She was also a very elegant and beautiful lady and seems to pop up everywhere in furs.

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Thanks Galanos glad you appreciate. I don't know much about them...any more fur pics? I have also yupdated the post now with lots of fur images of Lucille Ball in furs...some new to me and gorgeous.

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