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Girls in furs with guns

Guest touchofsable

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Girls with guns in furs:

Heidi Swedberg in the Ticket



here are the rest:


Netforce (tv movie



from an unknown tv episode (Jason King?):



Randalland Hopkirk (modern):



Suzanne Lloyd Murder on the Market episode of The Avengers:



and again. Ooooh a girl in furs with a silencer is almost as horny as a cigarette:



Moira Lister in the Avengers: A gun in a fur muff :



just so you can se what she looks like:



The Correct way to Kill episode of the Avengers Girl with gun in raccoon:




wow Trigger Happy with Ellen Barkin in white fox pelts:






From tv series "the Equaliser" (quite a few furs in that series as I remember:




Unknown etc

(Falcon returns?):





From the Girls in Leather Gloves site (faux?):



for the wool boys same site:



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Not bad Lord I agree. Love the sexy look in her eye.


However; she ain't real unlike Demi Moore and Heidi!



See there are two kinds of people in this life; there's the bears with the guns; and the bears that dig:



I think there may be a market for a "Bears with guns" website. ven just a bear with a gun...a soldier bear. Doesn't seem to be any worker.


However I did hear that Bernadette was getting the upper hand with tryxie:



Now a gun toting doll in furs would be good. This isn't quite what I had in mind:



But I think Magda and Gene should be marketed with a gun for her purse; soooo film noir:











This Tippi Hedren doll made me laugh:




Anyway back to REAL girls with guns in furs:


http://www.dorm.org/~andy/reddwarf/picts/krisk/kkgun.jpg KK from Red Dwarf


And what about this?? FUR GUNS


Worker get on the case. B a huge market for mink lined holsters, sheared beaver pistol handle grips etc etc. and just think of in the winter out shooting with a nice rifle with fur grips!

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Not bad Lod I agree. Love the sexy look in her eye.


However; she ain't real unlike Demi Moore and Heidl!


I'll give the latter, but considering how much digital altering Moore had to her face in the movie, it makes it little better than an edited fur, in the sense that it's more a computer image in a fur coat, than a real person, even if she actually did wear it.


Then again, that movie was so stupid, I couldn't shake my suspension of disbelief for a second.

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'kay...... I will have her then...... blemishes and all.

Some nice pics of her in the smoking lounge btw; close up of her face. They ain't bad blemishes.

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:shock: SACRILIGE!

'kay...... I will have her then...... blemishes and all.

Some nice pics of her in the smoking lounge btw; close up of her face. They ain't bad blemishes.


Look at my post again. I wasn't attacking the blemishes. I was attacking her covering them up in the movie. A woman doesn't need perfect skin to look good, but when vanity tries to override reality, it's embarrassing.

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I don't know Lord, now that we've entered the new wrold of HDTV, every blemish seems to be more noticable...


Maybe if the actresses would simply wrap a huge fox hood around their heads...



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Okay, does this fascination with girls in furs with guns go along the lines of some prior posts of girls in fur coats and guys freezing thing? Just trying to get an understanding of the wavelength here thats all.

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I don't know Lord, now that we've entered the new wrold of HDTV, every blemish seems to be more noticable...


Maybe if the actresses would simply wrap a huge fox hood around their heads...




I'm slightly nearsighted, so things look blurry without my glasses. As in, I don't see things right.


Hiding things out of vanity is trying to make the world not see you right. I don't approve of that. I've seen women not look perfect, but they still look great because they don't have to be perfect.

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Hmmmm A difficult one. Vanity is a word which tells you more about the person using it than the person they are describing. So a woman who wears furs, is immacultately groomed and made up is often said to be vain.

Actually, such etiqueet usd to be thought of as respectful to others. My girlfriend won't even abswer the door without make up os ...and its not because she is vain. She thinks one should make an effort to be decently turned out in front of others out of respect.


Now as for the "altering" of images...well that is another matter. However that has very little to do with the actresses or models...its to do with editors, touch up people etc isn't it?


I appeared in a photoshoot once with a model and a slight scar on my face was removed in the finished print. I had nothing to do with it! And that was just for a small magazine....and the photographer did it not even the editor. He said it was like an artist removing a brush hair on a painting...he used every trick to make the image look good. So its bound to happene at a much more sophisticated level...it isn't vanity.


But I agree such treatment is not only unecessary but sometimes downright unreal and therefore unattractive...some of the photoshopped stuff is actuall so OTT the models can look bizarrely ugly.


Lynxette. There are two things on the girls and guns interest. First, just like some people here are attracted totally to fur as a fetsih, some men are to girls with guns. But, MOST men are attracted to women in furs at some level, and most men are attracted to women with guns on some level.

Partly its power. Sex is power; throughout the animal kingdom only the most powerful breed. And a gun symbolises that. So does a fur to many btw.

BUT there is also the allure of evil and ruthlessness that can also be attractive. Women are no strangers to bad guys are they? Or at least amoral ones...anti heroes like James Dean, Clint Eastwood's man with no name, Johnny Depp's pirate. And even immoral villains. Nazi officers in leather boots and black uniforms? Or at the very least when the good guys have the guns. Clint Eastwood in "Where Eagles Dare" killed baout 200 Germans with a machine gun in the movie and two weeks after its release he was voted sexiest man by women.


Can't find a pic of that but here is one of cigar chompin' lone wolf Clint as the man with no name (in a sheepskin gilet too!)



Now do you get it? Maybe not cos lots of women nowadays go for the conformist new man; the one that cooks dinner and makes her laugh; instead of ripping her bodice off.

But they will maybe end up with kids with shitty genes if they opt for security over attraction and power.


Girls like bad guys...not too bad admittedly... because they are powerful.


Well its the same for us. And so Demi in sable with a gun ? Oh yes. You aren't honestly saying that the other Angels are sexier than her? Come on...bad is sexy. Sucumbing to the vampire is a fave sex fantasy of women for instance.


May be some men go for the girl next door sweet thing...with no make up and flowet dresses. But maybe that is because they haven't the guts for a strong vampy woman, or maybe they are scared other men will look at her if she wears lipstick and a short skirt and a fur. IMHO

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...and then there's that whole "phallic"-thing with a woman holding a gun.




Or not all of us think the way Freud thought we do, and we like the thought of a woman who isn't frail and helpless.

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I agree Lord.

The gun may be just a metaphor for strength of character. My girlfriend isn't someone you would regard as strong; everyone thinks she is very sweet once they get to know her (though image wise she can be intimidating to many) but if anyone touched our horse she would have no hesitation putting a bullet through their head; none whatsoever.


And I think in the struggle for survival, when we are off hunting, we want to know a woman is prepared to put up such fight to protect our way of life, kids etc. whatever.

Actually, her tongue is sharper than a knife and faster at killing someone than an AK47 when it comes to AR people


"Only the Non hunter wants a shrinking violet for a wife"

That's my saying lol!


Let's take Tryxie; or Miss T for example. They have real strength of character against adversity; have gone out there in the world and supported themselves in tough jobs; can be ruthless, while remaining very feminine but in an overtly powerful way; use intelligence...and clothing...as weaponry, and can be really admired. AND they have BROKEN the mould...they are not bleating sheep and as such stand out in the herd as "superior" for mating. And that makes then sexy doesn't it? You could see them with a gun no problem yes? And worker probably knows more about this than me, but she knows a thing or two about guns yes?


A girl with a gun and burden of morality is a metaphor for an alpha female.

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Our Bears are about as well armed as a Bear can be. Let's put it this way: If somebody walked into our house, ininvited, they wouldn't walk out under their own power.


The Bears are good shots, too! They can hit anything as small as a golf ball from 50 yards away. Give them a good benchrest position to snipe from and they can peg a target as small as a dime.


Our Bears are as gentle and friendly as can be but, threaten them and you'll be in for a rude awakening, indeed!


Topic sentence: Women and guns.


One thing guys have to remember is that shooting is one sport with a very level playing field between men and women. Unless you're talking about shooting large calibler weapons, it doesn't take much strength or stamina to shoot a gun. All it takes is a steady hand and good concentration.


Men do not have the upper hand in that department. In fact, if you buy into sexual stereotypes, women might have better hand-eye coordination than men. In their traditional, stereotypical roles, women do more work that requires fine motor skills. (e.g.: Sewing, housework and crafts, etc.) Thus, according to the traditional way of thinking, women have had generations of training at jobs which develop the skills that are most prized in shooting. Therefore, if a woman has the desire, she could probably outshoot any man if she puts her mind to it.


Just so you know, my wife carries a gun in her puse. She's a good shot, too! There's one thing you need to know... She aims about six inches below the belt buckle!

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Worker wrote...


She aims about six inches below the belt buckle!


...then I have nothing to worry about!



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Just so you know, my wife carries a gun in her puse. She's a good shot, too! There's one thing you need to know... She aims about six inches below the belt buckle!




I vote we club together to get workr that fox fur for his wife and a pair of black leather gloves and in return he posts a photoshoot! Is it a baretta; or a luger? they are the sexiest chick guns unless you are getting into silencer or femme nikita territory.



Talking of which...anyone got the vidcaps of Peta Wilson in furs?

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For a fox coat, I'm sure I could convince her to wear it on the range while I take a few picutures!


You can have your pick of the following hardware:


Betetta "Tomcat" .32 cal. Auto.




It's a smaller caliber so it's strictly a close-quarters gun. But if you load it with Hydra-Shock it'll knock down all but the most industrial-sized bad guy from 25 feet.


Also remember that a Betetta was Jame's Bond's bonds's gun when Ian Flemming first wrote "Casino Royale". He didn't change to a Walther until later on in the book, "Dr. No."


For your second choice, you can have a FireStar 9mm.



It's a small-frame, compact weapon. A little more stopping power when you come up against one of those more industrial-sized bad guys.


She doesn't like to shoot large-frame guns but, if a fur coat is at stake, I think she'll pose for a few pictures with a Glock 19.


She doesn't have a problem with the recoil of larger handguns. It's more about the fit. She can't get her hands comfortably around the handle of a Glock. It's too big, especially because of the "double stack" magazine.


That's why I usually shoot the Glock. I call it the "House Gun" because it's the one you'll most likely find yourself face-to-face with if you ever come into my house, uninvited.

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that's actually beretta not betetta, just in case someone wanted to look into one for themselves.


i wouldn't go for anything smaller than .380. i carry a ruger .357 or springfield xd9sc 9mm daily.


i think you can tell by my avatar i have been a fan of girls with furs and guns for a long time.

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hat's actually beretta not betetta, just in case someone wanted to look into one for themselves.


I knew that...

Can't spell worth a crap, today!


Click on the small pic of the Beretta. You'll go to the Beretta's website.


I agree. A .32 is a bit on the small side.

But remember, 90% of self-defense shots are made from under 25 feet away. At that distance, using a bullet that mushrooms like a Hydra-Shok, you will hurt a bad guy enough to put him on the ground. Don't forget. There's six more where the last one came from.


That's why my wife has two guns. The .32 and the 9mm.

If she thinks she'll need it, she can carry the "nine". For daily use, the Beretta goes in the purse.


P.S.: Ladies who like to carry a weapon should look into a good colcealed carry purse like the ones at Coronado Leather.com

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