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2006 "What I've Learned" List ...


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Some people will volunteer for just about any job, no matter how crappy. Try to sit next to these people in meetings.


After this last weekend, I need to find a few of these people!!



Raising teenagers is like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree.


Being a mod is about like that, too!! 8)



The colder the climate, the sadder the people.


Not is they wear furs and are outside in the sun!!



I was walking down Madison Avenue, complaining to a coworker about the miserable politics I faced as an art director in Manhattan, when we came up behind a couple of kids in fast-food uniforms who had just gotten off work. One was complaining to the other about the politics of the deep-fryer line. It was then that I realized it's all the same shit, just different scenery.


Oh, so true!!



Religion is in many ways like a good pair of shoes. It gives support, a little bit of a lift in your days, and it separates us from the other animals. But personally, I prefer to go barefoot.


I have always believed in a higher power. I have found that organized religion is not where I found it.



No matter how pissed off you are, nervous, jerked around, or just plain exasperated over something, responding like an asshole does not help in any way, so you might as well be a nice guy.


I know a person-or-two who have not learned this lesson in life.



Always approach the intimidatingly attractive woman. If you get turned down, who cares? You aren't having any less sex with her.


I have to share story that may help you understand how true this is. When I was younger, and if the guys had a few beers, maybe someone could have catagoried me as this.


I was in Putin Bay, Ohio (Big party island) and came in on the deck of a very large boat. I had a killer leopard bathing suit. (I thought I was crewing, in reflection I think I was a boat bunny! 8) )


We would have about a hundred of us who would meet for a long weekend to party there.


I always appreciate polite compliments, but was very intimidated by those who approached me from outside our group. But, to this day, I will always remember a gentleman who approached me when I was with a large group in one of the local pubs.


He was very polite and said, "You are the lady who came on on the large sailboat a few days ago in the leopard bathing suit, Right?"


I responded, "Yes." He said to me, "You have no idea how much it would mean to me if you would just dance one dance with me."


Several of my male friends were watching to see if I needed help. I didn't. I agreed and he probably has long forgotten me. But, I will always remember how nice he was. There is not a woman a live who does not appreciate sincere appreciation. 8)



If you're in a crowded situation that could turn into a riot (after the Red Sox have won the World Series, for example) and women aren't flashing their breasts, get out of there. I don't know if exposed breasts reflect a crowd's collective feeling or if the presence of breasts assuages a crowd's temper, but I do know this: No tits is trouble.


LMAO!! Oh, so true!!



Listen to the quiet, nagging doubts.


Never be in awe of anyone.


Oh, so true!!



Ben Franklin was right about older women: They don't tell, they don't swell, and they're grateful as hell.


Hmmm. I need to reflect on this one!! I am still uncomfortable when younger men hit one me. Maybe I am missing an opportunity here! (See why I don't want Bob to be a member here! 8)



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