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Worker 11811

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Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce the addidtion of a new article to the Fur Den wiki. It is a very informative article and one that I believe to be a great asset to the Fur Den community.


Fur Den member, touchofsable's contribution could be of great help when talking about fur and fur production as it relates to native cultures and I even believe some may find his article to be useful in research on native cultures and fur.


There are also many great links to outside sources of information and links to pictures that I believe many will find interesting.


Please join me in thanking ToS for his contribution, "Fur and Native Peoples"




" title="Applause" />


Excerpt from the article "Fur and Native People" by touchofsable:


Many people do not realise that though aboriginal peoples probably only contribute about 20% of furs (most estimates say around 22%) , that native economies are often TOTALLY reliant for most of their income on furs and hunting visitors. Imagine your whole community and neighbouring ones and your nation COMPLETELY reliant on Fur and Hunting as the ONLY economy as such.It is that which is the point that is often missed.


Here is the kind of ignorance that these people encounter from western celebrities; Jodie Marsh, topless model: "Why can't the Eskimos just use supermarkets and computers like the rest of us?"

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Thanks worker. Some of the links are to breathtaking photos; truly stunning native furs, and it also shows producing furs is part of a natural way. The Cree links for example (and remember beaver cant be farmed so most sheared beaver coats are from native pelts or pelts license caught on their land) and shows the the beaver are eaten. The Cree family's only income would be from the furs.


We above all ese owe it to these peoples to look at what they do. And if anyone has any doubts whatsover about fur they will not have after looking at the links there.

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This is indeed an Extremely fascinating addition. Folks when you see this you will see all kinds of links, etc. Don't let this throw you. There are fantastic native fur photos in many of them. If you do not want to read it all at once do it in parts. The text is very worth reading. The writer obviously put a lot of work into it and it is really something unique to the Den. I certainly hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.


You know, that statement ""Why can't the Eskimos just use supermarkets and computers like the rest of us?" sums up the stupidity of PETA today so much, and the problems of the native people.


Where do they get the money to go to the supermarket?

Do they fly every weekend to get to one?

And the most important. Do they have to destroy their culture to fit into our society? I firmly believe that our problems with claims from Native peoples today stem more from destruction of their culture than the lands themselves. If you destroy someone's home, way of life, and culture, there is not much left to live for.


Great writeup TOS. I certainly hope to see more in our Library like that.


Our site can do nothing but benefit.



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Great stuff tos, still working me way through it (along with yer "novel" as well). I remember the Jodie Marsh quote very well, she went further & called them "uncivilised" because they had no computers..... these people should be exposed for the idiots they are & they're arguments crushed at every possible opportunity, plenty of Info in tos's piece that could be used in future letters/forums if the question arises.

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