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Fur movie buffs wanted for wiki + ETERNALLY YOURS stills WOW

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When I began the Noir thread I anticipated if it went well I would make an entry in the wiki and refine it; with a list, links to our gallery and external links.

YES I KNOW there is going to be a demand for all the 80s movies and after; but often I think people forget the huge wealth of pre 80s movies with fur....its HUGE. So its a mammoth task to catalogue and review all of it, and I havn't seen probably a 100th of them. So it will be a team efort . Even if you are unfamiliar with using the wiki , one of us can help if you saw a movie and could write a fur review with a brief film synposis and characters/stars who wear fur in it with links and vidcaps etc.


But we need categories.

Hence I started on film noir; will eventually move it to the wiki after refining it and make it easy for reference.


Other possible categories are horror, screwball comedy, musicals, romance, melodrama, sci fi, thriller, crime, westerns, period movies, etc etc then as we come to the presnt day , and films are less easy to put in a genre they can be simply listed under 80s, or put into an archive I know furelli wants to work on which is erotic; which will have movies like faust and also electric blues etc. plus other erotic video links such as you tube clips.


Between us we have all seen movies. Would be nice to build a real library for posterity of all the movies featuring fur, give them a rating, say the type of fur, styles etc. That will mean every night when we decide what movie to watch on tv or what is coming up at a cinema, we can look it up! Helps of course to have a cinema projectionist on the team!


Anyway, whilst thinking about other genres, I came across this and just HAD to share it:







What is this site? Looks like you can watch the whole movie





Looks pretty damn good to me anyone seen it????

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That sounds fine to me Furelli we could always have sub catgories anyway within those.


Also I have had a pm from an member who hasn't posted for a considerable time to give some valuable information on some vintage fur movies and hopefully he will be a great help with the project too. In fact, all who feel like helping with a movie review could.


It could take into account:


1. what furs we see in the movie


2.How long they are on screen


3. Which actress/characters wear them


4. Is the fur significant in the plot/style of the movie? Certain ones...such as the iconic mink of Tippi Hedren in the Birds, or the mink of her daughter Melanie Grifiths and Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl ; are purposely used in the movie for effect/charcter devlopment, movie style etc.


5. A brief synopsis of the movie: date made, stars, plot, genre, characters etc


6. Other things which may be of interest re the female characters eg if there is sex, embrace, stockings, corstery , nice other costumes, smoking etc etc . Imagine that someone did a review of Ann Bancroft in The graduate: its not just that she wears the fur but that the fur is part of her whole seductiveness; and so the smoking and the undressing scenes are also worthy of mention. Then in a Buzby Berkely musical other costumes/wardrobe/scenes in which furs play a part may also be of interest; if they were the result of a massive design effort. I can't remeber what film it is for example but there is one famous black and white movie where the whole fashion show sequence is actually in colour.


7. Links to pics in our gallery OR uploading them to the gallery if you can source images, then linking. Then links to furthr reading about the movie, actress, fur pics she may have worn in other movies or IRL etc.


On the other hand there may be movies which don't require a lot of review but are worthy of mention.


For example "Night of The Comet" (Or I may be getting mixd up with "Day of the Dead")I think has fur in. So its horror / sci fi. You put the date the actress etc and just put just one short fur scene and the fur is ..... worn by ..... for ... minutes when the characters ..... So the entry could be that brief.

On the other hand the Bitch and Dr Zhivago would require quite an extensive entry to do the furs justice.


If we work together on this instead of the "my fave top fur movies" type of reference where the movies are just listed, we will have an incredible archive and links to stills etc. People can even do their own screencaps; post in the galery and link from wiki review.


I reckon there must be thousands of movies with nice fur scenes in them and we are only scratching the surface. The wiki can change that.

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Do remember that we established a "Fur Rating System" about a year ago when we put the foundations of the Library/wiki in place.


We used this icon: FurIcon2.png


1 Fur: FurIcon2.png

Is used to note movies or videos that have some fur in them where one person wears fur for a short time.


2 Furs: FurIcon2.png FurIcon2.png

Is used to note items that have more fur in them. One person wears fur for a long period of time or several people wear fur at various times.


3 Furs: FurIcon2.png FurIcon2.png FurIcon2.png

Indicates Lots of fur! It's what we call "Fur all over the place!"


What do you think about continuing this rating system for movies and videos?

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Why not!

Of course there is still a quantity v quality problem but that can be explained when the rating is given.

So for example the amazing fur in Midnight Blue which is only in the first 20 minutes of the movie as I recall....may not merit a three....but still is highly interesting to us. OR we could mark on quality and quantity.

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Yes. We don't want ott detail UNLESS it relates to the furs. But for example with some movies; such as One or two of the zombie movies, it has been noted that there is a distinct message relating to the furs which isn't considered by IMBD. So this kind of thing MAY need some contextual

mention. Likewise, it is important to know that in The Bitch, the action is centred around high class discos, parties but also National Hunt racing. As such the meaning of the movie is not only lost on IMBD but also many people into furs: its about sex and social mobility and the fur being used as a subversive weapon to break down class barriers ie. if you have a fur it gets you in anywhere. Or did.

"next you'll be wearing twin sets and pearls and riding to hounds" remember the raccoon jacket in the 4x4 ? Not in IMBD


Also we need the year and the date and the stars who wear the furs. Many remakes cause problems; for example that movie on the train damn it whats it called....is it the Lady Vanishes? You know the one with the old boys playing cricket with sugar cubes and the Liptons tea label stuck to the window. Anyway that has been remade like 7 times some have furs and some don't.

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you might think of two ratings for each film. One for the amount of furs in it. The second as to whether it is a good film in the general sense.

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Good idea white fox. Because there is nothing worse than pretending a film is really good when you sit down with some people to watch it because you want to see it cos it has fur in. Then you realise it is ghastly.


I made my girlfriend watch "Troop Beverly Hills" cos of the awesome smoking in furs scenes. I told her it was meant to be good. I just got the smile and raised eyebrows treatment It's crap!


So ; we need to rate:

1.the movie

2.the amount of furs

3.the quality of the furs or importance in the plot.


so for example "Troop Beverly Hills"


would get


1. maybe a little projectionists symbol for 1 (if it were good 3 but it is only fair) It isn't a howler; but you'd only watch it again for the furs)

2. three fur images

3. three fur images


and the write up would say:


"TROOP BEVERLEY HILLS" 1980s genre: comedy 1989


Stars Shelley Long in furs


Mediocre comedy in which sexy fur clad Shelley Long plays a wealthy socialite who becomes leader of a girl scout group. In the movies she wears several furs including a beautiful, stunning 80's full length white mink in which she smokes lots. She is hardly a suitable scout material and the fur and smoking/drinking emphasise that; and is the source of the comedy. Needless to say the fur eventually gets soaking wet. Harmless fun watchable movie but pretty purile.

Here is a link about the movie:



and here is a pic of Shelley in the white mink smoking:



But that isn't just it. Someone ELSE may find more links. OR they may think the movie was hysterical and/or profound. SO then they maybe just add to the wiki...or if thy have diffciulty using it to email me or workr or furelli the info and we add it.


"Here is another link to photos of Miss Long in the movie; and some have now been added to the gallery. I thought the film was magnificent and full of laughs and nostalgia."


Then add the links. As it was so enjoyed by someone else on a movie rating then we could then up the "projector" logo a point.




Sound okay?

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Being a projectionist, I have developed my own "Star Rating" system for movies.


You see the ones the film critics publish in the newspaper or on TV. Those are crap. Totally dependent on whether the studio paid the reviewer off. The only ones that are even half way trustworthy are the guys like Ebert & Roper or Leonard Maltin.


So, here's my ratings system


5 Stars *****: Great movie. Must see! "Gone With the Wind" or "Citizen Kane".

4 Stars **** : Top quality movie. I'd pay to see it even though I'm the projectionist and I can watch it for free.

3 Stars *** : Good movie. I'd watch it and enjoy it but would probably ony watch it BECAUSE I am the projectionist and can watch it for free.

2 Stars ** : Passable movie. I'd watch it because one of my friends wants to watch it and I can get THEM in to watch it if I accompany them.

1 Star * : Not-so-hot movie. Probably wouldn't watch it even IF I was the projectionist and can watch it for free if I want to.

0 Stars : I could eat a can of Kodak and PUKE a better movie! Reserved for the likes of "Grey Gardens" and "Blair Witch Project."


So, we would rate movies on a 1-5 star system, a 1-3 fur system and a 1-3 fur quality system.


Thus a top rating would be *****/FFF/QQQ or 5-3-3.

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