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Sponsor ofa the week


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Woo who! I am sponsor of the week.............


So, what does that mean exactly? (I figure it is my donation going to good use)



BTW: I caught the James Bond movie "Die Another Day" last night. It has P. Brosnon and Halle Barre. It was TORTURE to see the whole Iceland set which had all too brief glimses of great furs. Arghhhhhhh, why couldn't they linger on those more?

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It's just our humble little way of saying "Thanks!"


Your sponsorships help keep the Fur Den on line!


" title="Applause" />

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Pilot, like Worker says, the least we can do for you caring enough to sponsor us is to show it to you that we really do want to say a huge Thank You!


By the way, we are always in need of sponsors. Indeed we will soon need to pay next year's bills, and we will likely need to increase our site storage space significantly at that time. (We keep getting bigger here!) If anyone would like to become a Den sponsor, just let us know. We certainly do appreciate any help that you can give us! Without sponsors, the Den will not survive!


If you click here you will see a list of the members who have sponsored us.


If you click our sponsors tab you will see information on becoming a sponsor of the Den.


White Fox

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