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An Aussie Winter

Poitr's Folly

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In two words: Persistant prescipitation....... ergo floods, deaths by drowning, blackouts........ Oh and Snow in the Snowies.


and yes, It has been cold, and yes certain furs have been released from their confinement.


Now all one requires is enough cash to get back online permanently..... oh and buy some more foxes WEG



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HMmmmmmmmmmm so where to begin..... how's about the beginning... (cancelling song)


Am staying with friends this weekend... and as regular folks may be aware I am sans-computer and have been since 29/12/2006 (ummmm that's dec 29, folks). So this is the only time in that time that I've had sorta unbridled access to a puter.




The couple I am staying with are aware of my fur collection and that I wear them about my place. As the start of this topic explained, it has been a wet and wild few days downunder, especially around the Hunter Region and the Central Coast. Therefore, I was advised to bring a fur with me when I came up, preferably my bedspread (oldest Blue fox coat) as it could freeze the balls off a brass monkey here.... and that was before the deluge *sigh*


SSSSSSsssoooooooo here I have been and yes the coat has definitely come in handily warming... as it is now.


And this evening came the topper: they had a friend drop in.... who knew I liked furs and she brought with her two furs to confirm what type of fur they were: a silver fox stole and a rabbit jacket.


I'd yet to get furred myself, so wore the stole for a while whilst we chatted etc. Then I got the coat and put it on. WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll talk about a commotion. I thought the female would have a heart attack as she gazed at me. Yeah... did me ego no end of joy, with her desperately wanted to try the coat on, but it would have been straining at the seams to fit her.


When she was leaving (30 odd minutes ago) she put on the stole and came to me to give me a hug and not for the first time did her hands stroke the thick fur desirously. Now she wants me to leave it to her when I cark it.


Maybe we blokes should wear fur more often..... I know of some women here who are definitely of that opinion. Then again.... maybe it was just dumb luck....



Okay... time fur me to calm down and get back to reality ... unfortunately. Bed is calling and I must away.


Bye for now, but definitely NOT for ever


Piotr Barguzin


BTW, if anyone knows this week's winning Ozlotto numbers...... pass them on please!!!!!

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Always surprising the reactions people have - especially pleasant ones like that! I've told the story here before of being having my first date with a woman on a cold, snowy February night in New Jersey. I'd never worn my red fox out in public, but it was so cold, and I knew that my time there was starting to come to an end, I figured W-T-F. I wore this coat <- on our first date and she couldn't keep her hands off it. I still wonder why I was so stupid as to not wear it on every first date.



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