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Insert corporate co-opt...here.


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If they want people to honor and value the people who do the grunt work, they could start out by showing that THEY really value them by paying a living wage. They want to get away with paying slave wages and then turn around and say it's people who disparage the work with a syllable from their business who are to blame for the work's lack of dignity.


I'm not buying it McScroogies!


I work a service sector job. Pays better than fast food, for which I'm grateful, but I'm not that high off the poverty horizon.


What's next? They going to try to redefine McMansions, the obscenely oversized sprawlshacks that've been so popular? SUVs on foundations.



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No McJob here for me, although many of my High School buddies worked there. Hard to believe that was 15+ yrs ago . Damn I am getting old, or at least my back is, spinal arthritis and disc degeneration and all . I shall stop my bitching for now

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