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Che bellissima!


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Grazie molto. Dovrei pratticare ogni giorno! (I really should practice every day) It would be really nice if I learned how to spell too.


Ahem. Mi piacciono le pellicce, ma specificamente, mi piace un cappotto di pelliccia.


Scusami...ho dimenticato come parlare... (sorry, i forgot how to speak)


Most of my colleagues in Rome spoke English anyway, and they excused my pigeon Italian but we tried to practice as much as we could. Thanks, feel free to correct me anytime.


a presto,



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I can't get your link to work either. It shows pictures have been deleted.






Don't believe I have had a chance to welcome you!


Hope you enjoy the Fur Den as much as I have!



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belle le pellicce

complimenti a tutti




beautiful furs


compliments to all


Fudos, I am glad my fellow mods are nice; they don't enforce an "English only" rule in the same (imho rude) way as over at FFG. We embrace our friends from all corners of the Globe, especially if they can teach us a thing or two! Va tutto bene.


a presto,



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Indeed Welcome to both MinkFox and Fudos....


It is always so great to see new posts from new members here. You folks add so much to this site!


White Fox

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