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Just to Lighten things up round here....

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One of my FAVORITE episodes of all time!


In the episode of DS9, there was an episode called "Trials and Tribble-ations" where J'dzea Dax ends up crawling through a cargo hold full of tribbles, wearing a short skirt.



(Sorry. Can't find better picture. )


THAT's one visual that's stuck with me for a long time! :love:



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I like what Scotty said in the TOS, I beamed the whole kit & kabootle over to the Klingon ship, where they will be no Tribble at all

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Hmmmm...here is one to ponder.

They look faux yes? BUT they can't be because they are allive! SO their fur must be real so maybe this shouldn't be in off topic.lol!


Yes that ep of DS 9 was good I liked her.


Yes Imax Scotty's quote was memorable.


Intersting concept; a furbearer that could breed so quickly that it would be a nightmare and have to be culled...so why not use it fur? Wonder how the antis would think about tribbles fur?


Lol imagine a tribble fur coat on ebay.

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Don't forget. They are alien creatures. Their fur would be unlike anything on earth. Thus, even though it LOOKs fake, it could be real.

How do we know that tribbles don't manufacture polyester in their pores and secrete it as fur?


But, then again, it could be because of it as artistic license, taken on the part of the producers for the same reason we talked about the fur coat in Blade Runner being synthetic.


I prefer to subscribe to the theory of "Willing suspension of disbelief."

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