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Hello once again (says new boy)...


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My new blue iris mink coat arrived (label said sapphire) and despite description on ebay (efurs4less) "unisex; size 12; 20" across shoulder" (etc, etc), when I tried it on, I found it to be tight across chest/shoulders (my chest is 39/40) and my furrier immediately said (when I took it in on Monday for storage) "...but it's a woman's coat!" (turnback cuffs, ghastly lining).


(it gets interesting -- and this is the point) when I wrote back to the seller, he was quite cool in his response: he offered to have his tailor enlarge it (don't know how they do that?) and re-line it. He said that shoulder measurements were made right across the shoulders at -- I was measuring from seam to seam (seems logical?) and got 16"! FOUR inches difference?! His last email (of several) was truly worried for his reputation (I thought I had him for misleading description and he has sort of backed down) -- he is so anxious and says he wants us to be able to leave positive feedback for each other! Ah, yes...


The powers of the internet and ebay feedback!! Tra-la!


Well, there we are (no, I'm not made of money -- far from it! I'm just lacking in self-restraint -- I didn't need another fur coat)


Thank you all for the warm welcome last week: much appreciated. I hope to be able to contribute positively to this forum and perhaps (hope springs eternal) even to encourage better usage of English...(check your spelling before posting! No excuses, ha ha!)

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Don't know what you paid for it but I often intentionally get furs on eBay for the fur quality even if too small. So long as there is enough area of fur to line a jacket that is [with lappels, etc.].


I then get a leather or other jacket somewhat oversized to accomodate the fur lining and have them put together that way.


I have some very nice jacket's you will all see soon since I finally got a digital camera. Most were made from undersized furs.


Welcome again.










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So its like a blue GRAY COLOR ? You certainly have cause for complaint THRU ebay's system.....if they PRACTICE descriptions like that they should be careful. Doesn't sound like I would trust them to "enlarge" it as that would probably mean taking an AX to it. Is the lining like an ALUMINUM COLOR ? Tryxie may like that and she would probably pay you in DONUTS; I think it would look nice draped around her PAJAMAS late at night. Maybe men's coats are not their SPECIALTY. Its a shame; blue mink is one of my FAVORITES. The cuffs sound nice....does it button down the CENTER? Maybe you will be okay with them for a refund as it sounds like they are worried about their HONOR; you could even MANEUVER yourself into a FAVORABLE position. I think sappire blue mink goes nice with sparkly JEWELRY. Do they have a CATALOG for you to choose from? As they haven't put up much of a DEFENSE I think you will get this resolved okay....just tell them to get with the PROGRAM. My girlfriend had a nice blue GRAY mink with a nice SULFUR yellow edge on the collar and cuffs but I sold it.


Lol just kidding! I am one of the worst spelling culprits but will try harder.


Sounds a lovely coat ....shame.

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