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What if the Beatles were Irish?


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Ciao amici,


A friend of mine sang this entire thing for us while out to lunch today...in a perfect Irish falsetto, too. The brilliant Roy Zimmerman, satirist extraordinaire, has climbed to the lofty treetops of my favorite-artists list bloody fast. Check out his other material (google, myspace, whatever) as well, but I recommend this video accompanied by a nice pint o'Guinness...


What if the Beatles were Irish?


Beatles fans (and letter-of-the-law copyright nazis), I apologise.






Moderator's note: Oh, Lordy. I never knew how to do that. Thanks, my friend!

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John Lennon would have gotten even more heat from the British and US government for his post Beatles songs, due to perceptions (founded or not) that he's singing against the British occupation of Northern Ireland.


EDIT: And BTW, try typing [ url =web address]whatever text you want[ /url ] (just without spaces in between the brackets), so you just put the text on the screen, and not the table breaking url.

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