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Bernadette on The Back Room

Guest Bernadette

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When the back room was first conceived by Tryxie it was envisaged as a place where Moderation was done and could be seen to be done. Somewhere when a topic was raised it would be dealt with in the open until completed, and not moved into "chambers" behind closed doors because a Mod thought the matter to sensitive, leaving the rest of us to wonder what was the outcome or has the matter just been shelved. Somewhere work was done devoid of the benign and asinine post which bloat topics in the Mods Forum. What I see so far saddens me, already its beginning to degenerate into chitchat. No posts in ages, no comments, if there is apparently no work to be done do we need the Mods?


Believe it or not, there are people on this forum who have no idea what the Mods even do, things get worked out generally so seamlessly they just appear as if by magic. I believe they need to know how hard Mods actually have to work on their behalf, hence the opening of the room. And what do I see? The tea party is spilling out.


The hope was for topic discussion which might have been stimulating enough to get the populous post in the other forums about topics, which could in turn be used as recruiting grounds for future mods. If the members see that they to can be a Mod then they may feel they belong here and this is actually their place they may contribute more. But instead what topics do we get? "There is a questionable member" Now we have almost 1400 of those, members that is, some more questionable than others. Can we be more specific. I know the post is very well intentioned and its a warning to us to be vigilant, but what and who for. If we can't be trusted with that info then should it really be mentioned at all. Have the courage to name names if you have to, that's what looking after folk is, sometimes you have to make a crappy decision and stand by it and be counted. Then we get "I know we want to limit forums" & "I was one of the biggest advocates of eliminating extra forums" & "I'm not a big fan of creating extra forums either" all posted in a brand new forum. Come on guys, think before you post, you are making yourselves look foolish. And in answer to the question, have you thought of posting it as a sticky to see what contributions it generates, if it doesn't, then it doesn't need a new forum.


Use the room for how it was intended, let it live up to expectations not down to ridicule.

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Problem is that most mods are not here much right now so there is not much discussion.


As for the suspect member. We do not want to give too much away with that one. We would sooner he not know we know who he is.


Sorry, but everyone is out enjoying the sun right now it seems. And I am only on site for a few minutes today myself.



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I'm gone this week for mom's 97th.


Pictures will pile up no doubt
















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Sometimes I feel like people look upon moderators as Patricians who sit, thinking, with their palms on their chins, ruling from on high.


To dispell that notion, I think the Back Room forum is a good thing.


On the other hand, there are lots of things that happen where moderators need to say things that others shouldn't hear. If something concerns me, I want to be able to express it without having to worry about whether others will feel hurt or upset because of what I said.


Four times out of five, the issue that concerned me was either unfounded or resolves itself without needing to air dirty laundry in public.


With that in mind, I will make the effort to use the "Back Room" forum when the issue doesn't concern things that shouldn't be publicized.


PS: O.F.F. -- I'll try to look into the gallery more often.

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Please see the thread in the Back Room where Tryxie requested the new forum and the resulting conversation.


That will give you a better idea what we are trying to do. The thread was before we started the forum, but it does give a bit of insight into what we are trying to do. Hopefully over time we will get better in knowing how to use it best.


Sure it would have worked better if Tryxie had been here to nurture it.



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