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This Week's Avatar Theme: A Few Of My Favorite Things ...


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Teddy Bears!




Here, you see about 2% of our collection! I kid you not when I tell you we have over 1,000 Bears living with us!

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My avatar, as the founder of The Fur Den, is the Den's logo pic. I think it represents everything I wanted The Fur Den to be. It will never change.




Pic is a clickable link . . .

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Pleas then try to understand why I get the shivers when I first saw this my avatar pic; why the young band members I showed it to yesterday did too (as did my girlfriend )and decided it would be their backdrop if we could source it for copyright.


"I see what you mean...fur is sexy" was one lads comment.


We are in a new age. An age where the hopes and ideals of one generation are not shared by the new. The good news is that this generation are getting tired of being told what to do and how to think; and they seek symbols to express that. Fur and smoking have become part of that defiant imagery to some; and it needs to expresed in their cultural refences: dark, emo and sexually aggressive.


I love this pic because it is my favourite thing. And if you thing it gives you the creeps galanos; just think what it does to our mutual enemies.


I have had one other avatar before now and that was considered agressive too and received complaints from some; The warbonnet chick in silver fox


have I EVER complained about anyones else's avatar? No. However, one avatar here is strictly offensive to my religion. But I was brought up to be tolerant; therefore not to mention it. But it is highly offensive to what I believe. But hey live and let live.


There is nothing to fear in my avatar; she is on our side see?


I won't change it cos its my favourite pic ever. I have written a discourse in the film noir thread about Jane Greer. That explanation of film noir may help you understand it. I may change it to the jane Greer pic at some time; but I guarnantee you inderneath that mask is someone like luvable Miss T (did you not see her statue of liberty gimp pics?) but the character in beautiful Jane Greer in that movie is altogther more deadly; if you have seen the movie you will now the futility of trying to resist that too. Now I am pretty thick when it comes to altering avatars SO if someone wants to make the Jane Greer pic and the Mara Lane pic into avatars for me I shall change it next month. If I am still a denizen of course

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reasons 2 and 3 especially appeal to me and I hope your imagination can extend to writing a story about it! A fur demoness stealing your soul sounds cool


BUT I will give you a respite from the mask for a while as I do think it is an interesting idea.


So now , as I have just done a Holmes movie in the Noir thread; and BASIL RATHBONE is one of my all time heroes as Holmes, and I am told I dress like him; enjoy moravian red wine and love flirting with fur clad femme fatales and can easily outwit them , AND Gale Sondergaarde is one of the most sexy villainesses anyway, I have chosen this still from "Sherlock Holmes and The Spiderwoman" ; a review of which will be forthcoming in the noir thread.

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Thanks for picking up on the idea. I hoped that it would be way to share more of our lives with each other.


Now you post so much I can't keep up with you, though! Please don't think my lack of participation is indifference. I am very busy right now working charity events in my spare time. June and July events are very popular in resort areas.


Bob and a hand-full of volunteers work for months putting the event together for this last weekend. Bob cooked a wonderful Cajun Shrimp Boil. There are five us that help Bob. We served about 140 - 150 people Saturday night in a tented open site right along Lake Charlevoix. Great one-man band for entertainment and the weather was perfect!! It was our best event yet!! Makes you feel so good when you can throw a party and you know there will be so many who benefit.


There are a group of people who live in the area that love to entertain. They decided that instead of just having a party for friends, why not add a worthy cause? Since then it has become a regular part of the local activities. There are so many done now that you have to be careful or you can over-commit. Then it is not enjoyable.


The organization is called Challenge Mountain. They have a heart-touching story. Check it out:



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I don't know anything about glass, but the avatar you had out there grabbed my attention--maybe because it stood out among so many fur-oriented avatars. By the time I found this thread, you'd already moved on to the Milwuakee art museum shot, which I also find fascinating. It wakens restlessness in me. I've been putting so much of my energy into trying to right my relationship with money and family and making such slow progress. I haven't given myself many opportunities to explore. That idea of a moveable sun shade reminds me of the shrouds--I forget what they actually called them--shading the amphitheater at Arcosanti. And that reminds me it's been a whole 10 years since I visited that site. Something's gotta give!


Thanks for sharing and stirring my dissatisfaction.



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Okay I have a new avatar today. I stumbled across it. I think its Mistress Persephone in white fox by fetish photographer Christine Kessler but I am not sure.


Why is it my avatar ?


Because it says perfectly the type of women I like, and it has fur and smoking and a veil and its a beautiful photo by a top portrait photographer/artist; and it alludes to film noir.


And I would LOVE to kiss her while she is doing that!

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Join you briefly with one of my passions.




With the Hubble Telescope it's gotten a lot more interesting.


An old classic. The Horse Head Nebula.


Doesn't require the Hubble but it can sure make it nicer.




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ceck this one out




or this one




or this one where the Galaxies are as numerous as stars




Each Galaxie has billions of stars ... like our sun




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