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Anna Kournikova

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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Feel free any one to put more of her in fur in The Gallery at any time.





(Click the Picture.)


Edit: Fixed broken picture link. -- Worker 11811










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Problem is OFF ALL the ones I have seen have been on getty images. That is a copyright problem then I believe from them yes? The only non getty one I saw was on a sf forum with her smoking in the mink but it got snaffled for the pay area. I didn't download it as I was going out and then it had gone when I returned.


Its like all those gorgeous ones of Melanie Griffith on Getty in f/l phantom beaver.


I guess we are stuck with webshots links. I think I may have linked to them in the smoking louge of ye olde denne pubbe; I know they are getty.

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I had the honor of running into her at a jewelry store once. She was wearing a beautiful pure white fox jacket and very tight leather pants. I've never seen a picture of her that captured how beautiful she is in person.

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Yes Anna Is Our Pride And Joy, Even If She Can't Play Tennis!

Russian Girls Are Bad A$$

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