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Make your own Fur Poster


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Did you know you can make your own fur poster for home?

Just chose the photo for printing, and after the print button check the Maximum dpi or at least Best Print Quality. After that chose Preferences. Then on that menu go to Finishing and then chose Poster Printing. You have the choice to make it 2x2 (4 sheets) up to 5x5 (25 sheets!). All you have to do after that is collide the pieces together


Make sure to use a high analysis image!!

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In the US you can just put it to a disc and go to Kinko's if you don't mind them seeing your work.


They can make it seamless on a 3' x 5' sheet of 'Poster Vinyl"


There are a few FLBG pictures with a high enough resolution in The Gallery to do that with and not be too fuzzy.













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yes, mine is the Free-way. The other is the pay-way

Of course by paying you'll get a better result.

I myself paid at at a photo-store here to prepare some posters for our store.

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there is freeware available what helps you make a pictures in to pieces. A friend of mine putted a photo of one his vacations on his wall.

It's nice if you sit from a distance ant watch, it's like 10 bij 2,5 meters, panorama. Really cool, and free indeed.


Well, not that free of course. Quality photo paper isn't free, and neither is the ink.


It's even cheaper to print 25 photo's online and have them sent home, than do it yourself. And you're shure the quality is good.

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Speaking of posters, I have started a collection of fur posters from various furriers, mostly from the 1980's. I plan to frme the really good ones and use them for decorating. Neat idea though to make your own as well.

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