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Picture posters: *READ THIS*

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There has been question on how or why some pictures get deleted or left out of the Gallery.


I want people to know that we have had a long standing policy on this and we have made it clear why we delete pictures. It's not personal. It's not based on what we like or don't like. We have set these rules down MONTHS ago.


Please click on the links below to read the following topics:



I made the post to the above thread last February.



Here, last January, I made a similar post explaining issues about posting pictures in the gallery.


On two seperate occasions, I have made two seperate postings about why we delete some pictures from the gallery. You have all had a chance to read them. I am pointing them out to you all so that you can read them again.


I want to make it perfectly clear that we do NOT delete pictures from the gallery because we don't like a particular subject or because we have a dislike of the poster.


These rules have been available for six months but, only now, have people begun to make complaints.

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