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Interesting Positive Responses to fur posts on smoking forum

Guest touchofsable

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Thought you may like to read some of these from my fur posts in a smoking forum :




Super. Thanks





great pics beginning to develop fur fetish too now



Stunning! Thanks.



what concidence I just posted a Vanessa Fetishisma



Very lovely and sexy images Thanks



boy dallas looks good



Dallas was my favorite, thanks


i remember dallas..she was perfect..

she has a sister in SC...as perfect as her..

thanks ..nice post


You are my new favorite!




thankyou a very nice classy post.


Lana Cox is the queen smoking and in fur



Thanks Smoking in furs is the ultimate in glamour


Monica Bellucci looks wow in fur with a cigarette



Nice set! Really classy stuff.





yep classy indeed,thankyou for posting.



Thanks again, always enjoy your posts like this.



Always appreciate your eye for elegance amd glam. Thank you


The third one - lots of atmosphere



My votes to the first lady of the first set.

really a sensual girl.

Fantastic !!!!

Thank you.



Once more thanks, especially for the commentary



This is a thoroughly enjoyable post. Thank you for the thought you put into it, as well as for sneaking in a great pipe pic!



good history & pictures - many many thanks!!



great set. some of those merit being framed and hung on a wall. and thanks for the history, never knew that.



Thanks for the pics and commentary--always love the second, especially as high quality as yours. Cool top hat pics



Vastly enjoying the pics smoking or non. Wish I could help you with fabrications but I'm not good at that.


Colight has several videos of women in furs - I can't even remember their names right now, but I think there's at least 3 different women, probably 1 or 2 more, in full-length furs in videos.



Thanks for this and the link--yeah, I know a lot of art I liked a while back, I didn't realize it was subversive in more ways than one. Cool find!


Fantastic pics across the board.


Fur is my favorite dress up!


Thanx soo much!






Here's a few of moi in furs, probably reposts but on topic, at least. Luv, M




the birth of the fetish!


classic lady , mrau


That last pic is pure class. Thanks a lot.


Another beautiful fur post,pic 3 is heart stopping,thanks so much.











and a few to my story:


Amazing stuff!


I love the backstage party scene, as well as Laura and Natascha sticking two fingers up to political correctness during the concert.


Wow, another great chapter to add to the collection.


Jennifer has surely became a real fur-wearing diva, and ensnared her son and her hubby into the habit too.


Well done...keep it going!



Superb stuff once more.


I like the vast array of very different characters now enjoying these once-forbidden pleasures.


Wow! a superb latest chapter, emphasizing the sensual, sexual elements of Jane and Laura's presences respectfully.


I just love this story, from start to finish.


The whole idea of corruption, or maybe 'liberation' being a better word as these 'victims' true desires are unveiled cleverly.


Thanx again.



Interesting no? So far, probably over ten thousand hits; hundreds of positive comments; only one negative (simply a statement "sad") and this has surpised me in a forum of 65 000. Good potential allies ...the liberty argument is strong among smokers of both sexes naturally....maybe even some converts to fur! I will get an anti eventualy; but o far I haven't HAD to stand up for my personal prefernces even though some may find it offensive. No question either it seems of a mod clampdown yet. 3 months in.

Anyway; thought that you may find some of the comments interestng from NON fur fetishists to fur.

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