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Visuals to accompany stories.

Worker 11811

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You may have seen one of my renderings, earlier. You may not have.

Every once in a while, I get creative and decide to make a picture to go along with one of the stories I write.


If you've read the story "The Transporter", you'll know about the box the main character receives from a mysterious man.




For those interested, I have created a visual to go along with the story.


A man walked down the street in the opposite direction, looking straight at the two girls. He was wearing a long, tan coyote fur coat and a pair of dark sunglasses. The deep, oversized collar of his coat hid most of his face. He wore a brown Stetson hat, pulled down low over his forehead...


The man walked right up to them and stood beside their table. He looked at Kelly, then at Jessica, finally returning his gaze to Kelly. He stared at her for quite a long time.


"What do you want?" she growled.


The man said nothing. He just stood there, smiling at her from behind the collar of his deep, furry coat.


"Get that dead animal away from me!" she shouted at him.


The coyote man let out an almost imperceptible laugh and nodded his head. He reached into his pocket, took something out and set it on the table in front of Kelly. Just as quickly as he appeared, he turned and walked away.


"Killer!" Kelly shouted as he disappeared down the street.


"Shush! You're embarrassing me!" admonished Jessica. "What the hell is that?" she added, pointing to the small round object sitting on the table.


Kelly picked up the hockey puck sized box and looked at it. She turned it over in her hand, examining it from all sides. It was made of shiny metal and it had a picture of a fox engraved on the top. The sun glinted off the mirror like surface. The craftsmanship was excellent!


"I think it's made of silver!" Kelly remarked.


It looked like there was a hinge on one side and a button opposite. Kelly pressed the button and the top popped open like an oversized pocket watch. The inside of the box was lined entirely in fur!


"Look at this!" she exclaimed.


Jessica tried to grab the box and feel the fur but Kelly pulled it away. She tentatively put her fingers inside and felt the fur. It was soft and velvety! As her fingers probed the inside of the box, Kelly felt something hard in the center of the bottom. It felt like another button. She pressed it. It made a faint click.



(Click the picture for a better view.)


This is what the box from the story looks like.


If a man in a Stetson hat and a long coyote coat, wearing dark glasses, ever gives you a box like this, DON'T OPEN IT unless you are prepared for what's going to happen next!

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If you want to know what the box looks like inside, check out the video!


Click on one of the pictures below.


h264.png* *mpeg.png


The H.264 version is higher quality, larger size and it's a smaller download but requires you to have the QuickTime media player from Apple.


The MPEG version is more universally compatible with various media players but it's a larger download for a smaller, less quality picture.


If you need QuickTime, get it at http://www.apple.com/quicktime


Hope you like!

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Nice job, Worker!


Did you use existing pictures or take your own?


eBay is now allowing embedded videos in their listing.


Think the old print ads will be replaced by a much higher-end experience.

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Completely synthetic.


The "bug" in the lower corner is a borrowed picture. It's a stamp to sort of trademark my work.


The picture of the fox is borrowed too. But everything else is completely computer generated. It was all done using a method similar to the way those Pixar movies like "Toy Story" were done.


The box was designed using a 3-D editing program. The fox picture was "surface mapped" on top of the box. The movement of the lid was programmed using a separate function of the program. The fur was added in after that. The virtual lights, background and sky scape was edited in.


Then each individual frame of the video was drawn by the comptuer and compiled into a movie file then the result was put into a video editing program where the "bug" and the fade-outs were added. I created a sound track using stock sound clips, edited together for effect.


All of this was rendered into the final video product you see on your screen. It had to be rendered two different times because it needed to be in two formats. H.264 is the hi-def video format. MPEG is the cross-platform compatible format.


Finally, I made two screen captures of the videos and Photoshopped them to make the preview graphics with the words superimposed on top.


All of this was uploaded to my webspace. Once that was done, all I had to do was link you guys to the video in a message.


Again, I remind you, there is NOTHING real in those images or videos! It's all computer generated!


If you want to know more about the program used to create it, check out:




Thanks! I'm glad you guys liked it!

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The stuff I do is strictly BUSH LEAGUE, compared to what some guys are doing!




Mind you! This picture is NOT -- Repeat, NOT -- a photograph! It is comptuer generated using the same program I used.


You should see some of the stuff people are doing!




Oh! And if you think my little animation with the lid opening and the "Bling!" sound effect was cool, check THIS out!


It's an animated video of Neil Peart of Rush, playing the tune "YYZ" on the drums!



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There's a Linux version yet!!


I'll have CADD Girl get it for our G5 Mac.


I saw GIMP on one of the pictures. Does thins work with GIMP?


We have some pretty good grapic cpabilities in our ArchiCAD but not this good. We considered getting Piranesi as a Rendering program on top?



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GIMP is a 2-D program like Photoshop. Blender is totally 3-D. It's sort of like ArchiCAD but it doesn't have all the precision size/dimensioning that a CADD program does.


A lot of people use Blender in conjunction with GIMP to put images together. There are also versions of GIMP that can do video processing.


Blender has a totally alien interface but, if you use a CADD program, you'll probably get used to it fairly quickly. It took me several days just to get proficient at moving around the interface.


But, HEY! IT's free!

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Sure thing!


Box closed.





Box open.





Oh! And, while I'm thinking of it, here's a nice warm place for you to sleep.




Just click the pics to see the full size view.


BTW: If you RIGHT-click and download the file, you should be able to play the MPEG version locally on your computer. Windowze Media Player should be able to handle it.

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