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amazon in fur


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what do you think about amazon in furs?

beautifull horse nice women riding and wearing a voluptuous furs as a tsarine

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There is a great site called WOMWAM


Women Ovrpowering Men; Women Attacking Men.


Its a great site with an awesome number of fur images. They have a whole section on Amazons but I haven't got round to checking that out yet.


Its catalogued under paraphilias too. You can find out whats wrong with you and find out the very villainesses for you! Funny how EVERYONE had it wrong with them in those days though huh? Its tongue in cheek but brilliant. I had loads more to upload into the galery from there but I think aftr the debate today I shan't be doing that...but go along and look. Whether there is a horse and fur there I don't know....BUT there are some amazing fur pics that is for sure. I have uploaded all the Batman villainess and a few others in fur but have only scratched the surface.


I am going to do just such a shoot soon btw as I have some gorgeous girls who ride and wear fur from the local Hunt.

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