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What do titles on avatars mean?

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someone tell me - what is the difference between


mega member junior member assistant apprentice

top member etc etc etc - what do these mean, maybe send me a private message and explain, thanks


Moved to Info Zone. Wallee.

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If you go to the Fur Den FAQ page: http://thefurden.com/bbden/faq.php#51


You'll see the following explanation:



Beside your posts and below your name you will see a bar. As you make more and more posts that bar will change. The settings are as follows.....


Newbie 1 to 9.....

Top Member 10 to 49.....

Super Member 50 to 99.....

Mega Member..... 100 to 249.....

Ass't Apprentice 250 to 999.....

Apprentice 1000 to 1999..... and

Master above 2000.


There are of course special ranks for staff as well. Apprentice, Master, and Staff members here all have a special bar.


Mostly, these rankings are just for fun but they can be a little bit of help in knowing who you're dealing with when talking to somebody whose username you're not familiar with. If you see a new person whose rank is "Top Member" you know they've been around for a while but not too long.


But, like I said, user ranks are mostly just for fun.

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