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Memory (1), Birthdaypresent.


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I went to my hairdresser to shorten my hair and to color it white. It was short, about half a centimeter and white, very white, bleached and short like boys have.

At home I did my make-up: to much lipstick, cherry red, to much blushing and my eyes blacklined. I colored my nails the same cherry red. I put on my highheeled boots, (black leather and over the knee), my leather skirt, stockings and my satin blouse. To finish I put in all the earrings I have, that must be about ten.


When my husband came home I wanted to go to a very expensive restaurant. He had to wear his Armani with a tie off course. I put on my sable evening jacket.


When we arrived at the Amstel Hotel to have dinner, the doorman looked shocked. My husband had to give him a very big tip.


All the other guests at the restaurant looked when we arrived. They whispered between hands. My husband had a red head and he did not dare to go to the bathroom the whole evening long. He stayed all the time very close to me and gave me much attention.


When we leaved, he had to give the waiter a big tip.

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Next year I think you make it a party Francoise and invite all of us too!


You sound a vision! I hope your husband appreciates! Any pics?


Many happy returns; bonne anniversairre!

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