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Hello, all: I have lurked here for a while and must now put a name to myself. MAINLYMINK...because that, really, is what I love the most (if one cannot have Russian sable, after all!)


I am male, hetero-, not macho (I prefer to think myself the sensitive kind!), a divorced father of grown-up children and I have loved furs (and women in furs) almost as far back as memory serves me. In fact, I remember taking my mother's big fur gloves and putting them under my face when going to sleep (aged about four) -- they were always gone the next morning!


I always thought I was the who felt this way, until my ex-wife told me otherwise (something to do with a former boyfriend, ho ho!) -- what a revelation was! Then, to discover that even some felt the same attraction (deeply sexual) was yet another revelation! Oh, boy: have I come a long way since then...


Now I can only tell you that I consider myself very fetishistic towards fur (especially mink) and my last girlfriend told me she thought I had "fur radar" when out in public!


Sad time of year, this, isn't it? The beloved furs have to go into storage (I'm a bit late, I guess) and I'm even waiting for a new, full-length blue iris mink from Eyal at efurs4less (I think it may arrive tomorrow)!


That's it: hello and goodbye -- for now.

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Welcome Mainly Mink!

A super introduction and one which many of us will empathise with.


I am sure I speak for all when I say you won't regret making the step from lurking to playing a role here. You will feel like a load has been lifted to find that all of us here, fetishist or not; find furs very beautiful, sexy, and eager to learn more about them, and the women who wear them in real life, fashion, movies and history.



Your new purchase sounds fantastic and it would be nice to see in our gallery when you receive it.


Sorry to hear it has got warm there; we have been quite lucky in the UK as it has been the coldest end of may bank holiday week on record; rain and cold winds.

So today I say a Polish girl with a leather jacket with huge blue fox collar and cuffs, an asian girl in an incredibly sexy black mouton chubby bolero affair that made my eyes water; and a gorgeous soft sleek long leopard faux on a redhead girl with real furboots. In addition my girlfriend has been able to wear her electric blue mink and her f/l blush fox in the last few days; and at a party there were about 4 girls wearing furs; including another bolero and a full lenth black fox collar and cuffs on a sheared fur.

Then at the races I saw a blonde in a tan suede coat with huge red fox cuffs and hood; and a lady in a tweed suit with burgundy fox collar and cuffs; plus a mouton on a vintage rockabilly chick and a couple of new rabbits worn with boots.


So don't be too eager to put your furs away yet folks!

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Welcome aboard MainlyMink.


I hope you stick around and ge t to know us.


Glad you finally took the jump to poster from lurker.

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Welcome aboard


Sounds like you have a sensitive ex?


Hope you find it to your liking here.

















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I always thought I was the who felt this way...


No, you're just one of the few who has the BALLS to admit it!


For all the macho bull$hit most men throw around they are really a bunch of cowards.


You, however, are now in the elite group of men who are TRULY macho enough to stand up and say, "I like fur! And I like WOMEN wearaing fur!"


And, if you want to take that one step farther, you can say, "I have enough money to BUY furs for my women!"


Money talks. Bull$hit walks! You can't get any more macho than that!


Welcome to the Fur Den! 8)

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There is nothing sexier in a man then confidence, I can't stand a Man without it. Be Proud of Fur, be proud of your Lady wearing it, and wear a coat that boldly proclaims you are a Man Of Presence. Well Put!!!

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Welcome mainlymink!


You found a safe haven. Many of us went through the same "I am NOT alone" astonishment. What a great feeling!

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Actually I always thought every bloke was into fur; and I knew a lot of women were. I was...and remain convinced by this....sure that the politics of envy is putting people into a mindset of denial. Flaunt a beautiful woman in furs and they soon come out of the closet. Not that they are fetishsist....but I haven't come across anyone in ten years that doesn't like it. Even antis usually say "well...I must admit..."


So see your membership here as a line in the sand.


Some of us are coming forward and saying

"you know what? I think a woman in fur looks her sexiest and I am prepared to stand up and say so"


And for thse other who lurk; be not ashamed for a very grave injustice has been done to animals by the dreadful exploitation of non renewable resources. It is tim for those who advocate "synthetic alternatives" to animals in all spheres to start to feel shame now; and us and our women to wear fur with pride.


Welcome to the Revolution. Hundreds of designers and Artists and photgraphers and supermodels and native and rural peoples and conservationists and anthropologists are with us. Only the ignorant and those who prosper from perverse ideology now stand against us.

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Yes, indeed, MainlyMink! Welcome to . . .


The Fur Den!!!


As you may have already discovered, as I discovered in The Fur Club (the first internet site of its kind) fifteen years ago, you are not alone. There are thousands like you who have acknowledged their "magnificent obsession" and, like you, have shared that with others of like mind. Many other thousands still lurk in the shadows, still afraid to come out of the darkness, yet are overcome with the magic sensuality of fur.


It's nice to have you here! We hope we see you often, and we hope you will make many thoughtful contributions!

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Welcome mainly mink. Like you, it was apair of black,fur backed gloves that got me started on the road to whereever this road is going- but I started late at about 7 years old. In the early fifties Britain fur collared cloth coats were in fashion and I would sneak a quick feel of the coats of visitors to the house. Happy Daze.

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