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Continuing With The Favorates Series


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Who is your favorate Black Lady In Fur.

Here are a few Nominees.


1. Diahann Carroll

2. Naomi Campbell

3. Beyonce Knowles

4. Lil' Kim

5. Foxy Brown

6. Iman

7. Diana Ross

8. Dorothy Dandridge

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Naomi Campbell is English, and Iman is Somalian. Neither can be described as African American.


That only applies if he means African American, and not black people in general.

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Good call polbeton, Serena I've seen in white fox i'll post 'em to the gallery (if I can find 'em!!) not sure about the dominas thing though, don't think we'd last too long with thighs like there's! but I can think of worse ways to go!


June Sarpong - presenter on Ch 4, whose sported a few furs in her time, have a clip of her wearing a silver fox jacket in NYC when she first started on channel 4, various pics of her on getty Images & more recently wore sheepskin & fur trim coats on ITV show, WAGS

MJ Blige - loves her furs

Eunice Barber - wild looking Athlete who i'd love to see swathed in white or silver fox (Attn!!! photo manipulator's pls!)

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I would have thought this topic would have garnered more responses, come on! BEYONCE! NAOMI! DIAHANN! These Ladies command a ROOM!

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