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Loads of fur in "Julia" with Jane Fonda (1977)

Guest touchofsable

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Just watched it on film four.

Jane Fonda wears a black sheared fur all through the movie; smokes in it lots too which was nice. Also a lovely 40s astrakhan hat.

But there are lots of other incidental furs, and also a magnificent silver fox worn by one of the characters.


It is an excellent movie to boot; such a powerful film that I even forgot about the furs and watched it through. Very sad; set in Nazi Germany in the thirties. Jane Fonda won an oscar for it.


Anyone else seen it?

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Ha Ha


Sorry gotta laugh I was watching Last Metro on Sky Indie, similar theme but with Catherine Deneuve in Mink, also very good film, sure many have seen it but it was a first for me! Will have to catch Julia next time!


ps No to the redhead which is doin me head in, even a clue would help BUT YES there are other "Goodies" out there, jus a wip at the mo' but you carry on fellah, I'll catch yer up!!

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