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Goodbye All

Guest Bernadette

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Tryxie has resigned as a Moderator and its time for me to earn my doughnuts as a proffesional Hug Monster again. It's been nice knowing you all. Take care.


Special hugs to Bear and Worker's Bears.



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Tryxie, I am really sorry to see you go. You have contributed so much here on the site.


I do hope that we will see you again soon!



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We wish you the very best. Thank you for everything that you have contributed. Hope you will take sometime off and come back.


Until then, God Bless!



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Ermmm.........Did anyone read this post??


For F***'s sake people what's wrong with you all!! it looks like Tryxie is leaving. She's resigned as a mod and it sounds as if she's said goodbye - period


I dont why, - don't need to know - But I for one will come out of my self imposed retirement to say Goodbye tryxie, sorry to see you go, I've really enjoyed your banter posts and THANKS " title="Applause" /> for all the hard work you've put in to make the den so enjoyable.


Have you any idea how much time she's put in to the Den? - of course you have, at the very least you've all seen the hundreds of pics she's posted.


This post has been up about 24 hrs now and just two people have responded. Shame on you all, there should be hundreds of positive responses. Has no one here the decency to just offer a "bye and wish you well" to one of the Den's recent great characters. Just a few days ago you were all nominating her for the Hall of Fame for Ch****'s sake


I dont know if Tryxie is still here or will read this thread, but that's not the point - she might. And whether she does or not, something's obviously happened, maybe personal, maybe internal, it neednt matter to us.


What does matter though is that people should have the decency, integrity and just plain humanity to give her a decent send off, to thank her for all the fun she's given us, the hard work, the pics, the thought provoking points of view, and above all to send her good wishes and to let her know we all hope she'll return one day.


Seems like the Den may after all be filled with just a bunch of takers. I thought it was different, and that we were all friends. Naive eh? Beginning to think I was right to leave


Bye Tryxie - I hope all is well with you. Really sorry to see you go, the Den will be emptier without you.Thanks for everything, Please come back one day, but meanwhile best wishes for the future


Well - I've had my say - I'm off

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Please don't think that this implies indifference. When something like this happens, I think most members don't know what to say.


Sometimes you have to let people be free to do what they need to do for themselves. Just as with your position. I especially have a hard time when members that I have connected with leave. It is a major loss for me.


Being a mod can be very demanding and stressful. It also is a team of members and sometimes it moves slowly in change. It also requires a person who is use to leading to have to follow.


We have been discussing Tryxies' unhappiness as a mod for a longtime on the mods forum. All of us are very sad that she felt she needed to leave. We did not leave her, ...she left us. And, her contribution will be missed.


We cannot make a member value us enough to stay. Ultimately we all have to decide how we spend of time and energies and be true to ourselves.


I still hope that Tryxie will find a way to fit The Den into her life where it is worth her time and trouble. Being a mod did not work for her. We have to respect her choice and honor her wishes.


One thing is for certain, she will be missed.



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Ravens8 et al, not everybody goes public with their thoughts, opinions & farewells so I wouldn't be so quick to judge us all as being indifferent, some people talk openly whilst other's keep their opinion & counsel in private.


All i'll add in public, is that my dreams won't be the same, wished i'd paid up me

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I will echo what Linda and Furelli have said. I expressed my thoughts to Tryxie in a Private Message. I felt they were personal and did not really want to share them with the community.


There is something here that concerns me. Somehow, when someone leaves the Den, it is always the perception of a few that it was the Den's fault that the member left (Tryxie hasn't left the Den, she merely resigned as a moderator. Ravens8 has taken a hiatus.) Why, in today's world, are we so quick to point the finger of blame at someone when something doesn't meet our expectations?


Tryxie resigned her position for personal reasons. That's it. Let's not read anything more into it than that. It is my hope, too, that she will remain as a member of the community. She has immeasurably contributed to The Fur Den in many ways in the past, and I hope that she will continue to do that in the future.

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What?! Trixie's leaving? That sucks..


Anyway, would like to say goodbye and thank you for all that you have put in to the Fur Den - both as a mod and a member. And I for one will be sad to see you go. I just hope that you do come back from time to time and say hello!!


Once again, all I can say is this sucks..

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FrBrGr you've totally misread my post. I wasnt pointing the finger of blame at anyone. Don't suppose there's even a finger to point with or a blame to point at anywyay.


maybe personal, maybe internal, it neednt matter to us.

I dont why, - don't need to know


I was merely annoyed at the membership in general for not giving her a bit more credit where it is well and truly earned and saying a few fond farewells. I really dont care why she's gone I expect she has own personal reasons just like we all have, for all our actions which may often appear random to others. Unless she volunteers to give a reason (and there's no reason why she should) it shouldn't concern us. Who's blaming anybody?


The reasons need not be the concern of any of us. they are irrelevent to us as members, and the Den in general


I expect we all expressed our thoughts in pm's but that's completely not the point. It's public recognitian where recognition is due. Anyway - dont want to get drawn in to this. Tryxie DEFINATELY doesnt need someone fighting on her behalf, in fact she probably hates it, so I'll get off and say no more. Just defending myself here because no fingers were ever pointed

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Thanks for the kind words Fr and Refur, they paint such a rosy picture I hardly recognised it.


As for continuing to be an active member here, that will be sometime after hell freezes over.

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All of these humans keep telling you, over and over that they are your FRIENDS but you keep pushing them away.


Why do you keep doing this?!

It seems as if YOU want THEM to stop liking you!


You can't keep hurting the humans that care about you!


It's not very Bearlike!




-- The Bears.

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Its not about pushing people away. Those who are my friends have my personal contact details and are welcome to contact me whenever they wish. I can't stay here because of the Den wants me to, I have to stay because I want to, and I don't, its as simple as that. It's time for me to move on, you need to move on to. The Den needs to find two new moderators, and by the end of the month I'll be distant memory to some and still unknown to many.

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That is not going to happen Tryxie.


You know people care about you here.


You also know that we NEED you . You may need to take a short break. But every time you see a fur in a collection you will think of us I know you will.


I have been saying this for a while without repsonse; so I would like it now.


The revival of fur in fashion is something we would all love to see.


I would love to see all traditional animal dependent economies prosper and that is the key to me for habitat protection. Also, 400 design houses, some of whom have been vocal on the eco friendliness and conservation benfits of the fur trade, have taken up the mantle. They of course also are aggressively opposd to being told what they can and can't work with and so will resist opposition to fur. Real designers will always recognise that fur is the best material in which to work to create beautiful clothes. Those that say fur is ugly have no respect for animals. Nature is the best fabric desgner; and has served us well for two million years. The Couture fashion world will always be in love with it; as will anyone who truly appreciates beauty.


BUT we are only seeing the fashionistas wearing it in the street so far. The vast majority of women have either forgotten its allure; think its not fashionable, are afraid to wear it because of media inspired urban myth about red paint; or if they are younger have not discovered it yet.


The surveys always ask if women would wear fur. 70% say no. But when you actually ask WHY not, the results are thus:


1. 18% ethical

2. 25% its not fashionable

3. 57% afraid of getting abuse


That suggests that 82% of women would join the 30% who already wear it IF it was perceived to be fashionable again and safe to wear.


Many of the guys here complain that their wives are not into fur. Well they would be if they realised despite the straglehold that pc fasists have on the UK fashion magazine circuit, it IS in fashion. But it is specific types and styles. Show them how to wear it. Let them see scans from European fashion magazines. Not all women who wear or would wear fur wear it for fetish reasons....most do or would wear it for fashion. Understatement and functionality are now ugly words to most fashion designers once again. Now we need that to be translated to the public; oppulence and luxury are okay again....but worn with a New Spirit: either with a casual look a la Kate Moss/Naomi, a vintage a la Sienna/Olsen , or with the new Traditonalism a la Viktor and Rolf/Julien McDonald; or with the current eighties revival. Basically. your wife will change her mind when she sees fur is not only in fashion again but de riguer among those who realise the importance of fashion as Art.


We need a special fashion column here.


We need to know what types of furs are in fashion, and also what colours and ways of wearing them. We need to encourage the fur fashionistas that drop by here to join. We need to know what is coming up in current collections.


Just now for example, Mendel have done "nude" natural coloured minks and summer dresses and acessories. Its very vry classy.

Then there are the Julien McDonal;d forties interpretations; with fox pelts over shoulders with forties suits that I have actualy seen being worn in London...with berts and everything.

Then the colour for this season is electric blue with black....a fashion no no sicnce th 80s its now back with a style bang. So now is the time to wear that electric blue dyed fox or mink you haven't been able to work out when to wear. I saw an electric blue fox muff at White Turf; awesome.


Then there are metallics in dresses and accessories. Superb with sleek black furs.


Then there is the Viktor and Rolf iconic forties/eighties reinterpretation in raccoon. Worn with 40s slightly platform shoes that are in many collections at the moment: very Dita.

Also teh fact that if you have an eighties power fur you can capture that look by belting the coat with a chunky belt to draw it in at the waist and give you a 40s power silhouette.


What am I saying?





I would like to see Tryxie take on that role within the den. Fashion Guru.

Reprting on collections; suggestions on acessorising, rinventing a look , current trends and spirits. We can't go around looking like 80s refugees...we have to have the subtle differences that characterise the newer looks. We can get away with 80s furs with 40s shoes for example.


But Tryxie, because of her education and interests, is highly qualified to bring us this and THAT should be her active role here.


I am still waiting to hear about the summer collections that you got my mouth watering over Tryxie.

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Ladies And Gentlemen, Tryxie has chosen not to be here anymore and that is her choice, so lets respect her decision. Yes, I too was curious about why she chose to resign, but its none of our business. I believe it is uncouth to speak about someone without them present to explain themselves.

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Folks, I believe it's time for me to step up and do what's right:


We are all sad to hear that Tryxie feels the need to leave us.

I know that virtually everybody wants her to come back. This includes me and all the Bears.


The truth is we're making matters worse by belaboring the issue.


If we keep whining and complaining, Tryxie will get upset with us and NEVER come back. If we lay off her right now and give her some time to collect her thoughts, there is a good chance she'll come back and visit us again.


With that in mind, I have decided to close this thread out of respect for Tryxie's personal space.


I feel certain that this is the right thing to do.


Thank you,


Worker 11811

Fur Den Moderator

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