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And now your nominations please for Blue Haired Fur pin ups

Guest touchofsable

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Well there are Tryxie and I. We both have blue hair sometimes.



Then there may be the "blue rinse" brigade.


Maggie Thatcher for example; she used to wear fur a lot. Then Queenie.


But this is also a thread for those who don't fit in the main categories of blonde brunette redhead etc. There are bald women, then women from asian and Afro origin.


So this thread can be any nominees for the "others". Feel free to contribute anyone who doesn't fit.


Miss Persephone for example. WTF is her real hair colour?

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Okay, this is definitely anime and video game territory, considering "You gotta have blue hair."


Of course two of the most popular blue haired girls in anime are Rei Ayanami and Sailor Mercury, but even in fan art, they hardly ever wear fur.


One notable one is the villain in Guy Awakening of the Devil (or the first part of Guy Double Target). She wears a white mink coat near the end. Of course she dies along with the coat, but the time it's there makes me long for a DVD release. It's still just on VHS as far as I know.

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Any pics Lord?


That's why I want it on DVD. I don't want any interlaced, low quality pics of it, even if I had the VHS of it.


And you can find the trailer for it on youtube, but it only shows the part where the coat is destroyed, not the great thirty seconds before that.

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