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Who Is Your Favorate Red Head In Fur, The Saga Continues!


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I'm not going to PICK yet! Who's YOUR Pick for The Most Beautifullest Red Head In Pelts.

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Fictional, Jean Grey. Not only is she my avatar, but she actually wore a white mink coat in X-Factor #53. I'd put it up once I get a scanner again.


Real life, I unfortunately can't think of any redheads off the top of my head right now.

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Wow I can't wait to see that Lord thanks. Have you got the one where she smokes too? Also there are the issues in which Storm wears fur and smokes too. Have you got all the X men ?


I will be back with my redheads when I have given it some thought.


By th way someone may want to convert this to jpeg so it can go in our gallery on the subject of redheads:



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So many to pick from.... sorry but I jus can't choose, sucker for Reds me!


Shirley Mc Laine, numerous films in furs

Charlize Theron, many colours but I prefer as a Red

Dina Meyer, but only seen her in fake furs


Katarina Nikita, everybodies fav Mr Mockle redhead

Rachel Weisz, more red than brunette these days....?

Rosin Murphy, features furs in a lot of her shows

Anna Semenovich, absolute beauty

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She just needs a good slapping and taking to a fur farm and spend a week with the Lapps or Cree. THAT piece is absolutely word for word a certain animal rights group propaganda....."I wish animals would go extinct so their torture on earth would end" It makes her sound like she has thought about it but I can smell second hand bullshit a mile off.


Think about that statement. For millions of years before man animals have had to endure predation. It is nature. Who'd be a Thompson's Gazelle.....we'd don't even get chance to use those for skins as just about every animal on the savannah preys on them lol? That way of looking at the world is sick; really sick. And dangerous in the hands of animal rights fascism. Not so dangerous in the hands of a model who has been brainwashed or got upset because she saw a couple of chimps ( She should go and spend some time in a refugge camp in Dharfur) but still owns vintage fur pieces; she is just alienated from nature period. Her condemnation of zoos is word for word AR dogma . In actual fact, only zoos can now save animals like the snow leopard and clouded leopard; so that is not just ignorance but grossly insulting to those that devote their lives to saving them. And fox and mink have no chance of bcoming extinct while we value them for hunting and fur....and therefore PROTECT their habitats. We all know there may be some Animal welfare abuses in China...but then it is China who are saving the Tiger not us for all our chops. A thousand bred this year.


Anyway. Back to more intelligent women. Just enjoy Mila for what she is...a zombie ass kicker s'all.

And worker; don't EVER accuse stupidity of being dark side lol!


Now, back to REDHEADS not air heads.


My choices. The first two are maybe obscure, but I can tell you they filled my fantasies as a teen.





I cried when she died. I metophorically bedded her so many times as a fourteen year old its like finding out your first love has died.

Whoo can ever forget her performance as Lili von Schtupp in "Blazing Saddles". Her kit in that turned me Japanese. It was a take of course on Marlen Diterich; and her voice was such a turn on. But in Young Frankenstein came the furs.


And of course, her sex scene with the monster...to whom she wilingly succumbed when she saw his todger. The scene was implied and followed by after sex cigarettes!

Then the Cheap Detective in a variety of pieces.

And then City Heat in white fox .

I have uploaded pics form all those into the Gallery. A brilliant all round artists; beautiful and the ultimate in sex appeal for me.


2. Then LEE GRANT.

Her redhead bob was enough to arouse me. In Shampoo she wore furs, and also wears them in real life. Here she is in mink:




Has anyone got vidcaps from Shampoo? Quite a bit of fur as I recall.


Will get back to you on the others aftr doing my research. This is proving to be quite a constructive excercise thanks Madison.

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Okay following my Madeline Kahn and Lee Grant pics, we now have my choice for number 3.

3. Ann Margret

She is totally hot even now at 66. Loads of her in fur out there; she must love it. Swedish originally btw. I can remember pics of her in photoplay smoking in fur and taking them to bed with a torch.


here swathed in pink fox:



and here smoking in leather gloves and a full length lynx in "Carnal Knowledge" :




You can view the video clip of the latter at www.celebsmoking.com under the movie or actress entry.


There are lots of other images of Ann now in the gallery including a devilish one of her romping on a fur rug in a red fox coat.


While you are at celebsmoking you may want to check out Bette Davis; another famous redhead for services to fur! I have uploaded two images but there are video clips there of her smoking in mink in a car in "All About Eve"



Also two from "Winter Meeting" clips on video also available at celebsmoking.

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What about one of Canada's greatest exports(who was famous for saying she wouldn't even get out of bed for less than 10,00 dollars-- supermodel Linda Evangelista, one of the original supermodels. She did lots of fur shoots too.

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Melissa Gilbert (wears fur)


Lindsay Lohan (wears fur)


Rita Hayworth (wore fur)


Shirley MacLane (wears Fur)


Diane Neal (don't know but current favorite red head)


Clarie Danes (not a real red head but pulls it off real well)


Suzi Parker (MrC how could you miss her? owre fur .. in our Gallery)


I'll think of more










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Consulting my master red headlist of most desired red heads to be seen in fur:


Tori Amos

Sarah McLachlan

Laura Preporn

Mag Helgenberger

Nichole Kidman

Rose McGowan

Lauren Holly

Wynona Ryder

Jane Seymore

Jamie Luner

Holly Hunter

Annabeth Gish

Dana Delaney

Angie Everhart

Lauren Holly


I left out a few how aren't nearly so attractive and I'm certain I have forgoten some really super red heads




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You have forgotten two of Hollywoods sexiest redheads that are 4 and 5 in my list:


4. Rhonda Fleming




also vidcaps form "Slightly Scarlet" now in the gallery with Rhonda in a gorgeous mink stole. Shame the smoking scenes weren't there .......Arlene Dahl, my choice for 5 also smokes in the movie so its a fave but must be twenty five years since I have seen it.



5. Arlene Dahl


Norwegian redhead hollywood star

Sexy as they come.

Three movies stand out in my mind but I can't remeber which are for smoking ad which fur. Maybe both. Again; twenty five years since I have seen them Slightly Scarlet, the amazing "Portrait in Smoke" (aka "Wicked as They Come") and "Woman's World". There are also vidcaps of her in an amazing white fox cape wrap thing in "Here Come The Girls" with Bob Hope now in the gallery; and a few othr very nice images.





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Nominate me, nominate me. I have a pic of me in the gallery in Tryxie's fur coat. I'm cute and cuddly and strawberry blond, thats almost red head, and I have a lovelt red scarf.


Failing that there is always Jessica Stam, she's a real cutie.

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I want to see your mummy in red hair and the fur coat Bernadette!


Yes; I was thinking about some of the supermodels and its difficult to classify them as they change their hair colour often for shows etc....but Jessica Stam came to mind. There are lots of pics of her in the gallery btw from Tryxie.

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Some EXCELLANT choices Here


I have made up my mind, my choice is the model from EUROCURRENCY'S E BAY Store. The Sables, The Silver Fox, The Chinchilla and some of the POSES, Awesome!!! She has been the Red Head in Fur of the moment for me. Does anyone know her name?

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Suzi Parker (MrC how could you miss her? owre fur .. in our Gallery)




Hey OFF, I haven't had time to post on this thread yet. Been too busy ruining the minds of America's youth. But since you asked:


Suzy Parker (off course)

Rita Hayworth (Great furs in some of her movies)

Rhonda Fleming (Thanks for the great pics, TOS)

Debbie Reynolds (often hosted fashion shows for Ben Kahn Furs)


And of course the incomparable Lucille Ball (I love Lucy -- especially in fur)


While we're on the subject, There's one name that should go on our blonde, brunette, redhead, and several other colors list -- Linda Evangilista -- the world's most beautiful and sexy chameleon!



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Yep I left Suzy for you Mr c.....glad you appreciate Rhonda Fleming.


Burger....are you seriously telling us that that VISION is the Duchess???????


YGTBFKM. She is amazing!

You must bring her here to take her rightful place on the throne!

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Okay so sorry you have had to wait a while for me to do a good job of sourcing images for my final choice.


Ann Sheridan of course:




some amazing images of Ann from her films. I loved her in The Man who Came to Dinner and for years my heart would race when I knew it was going to be on. Ann , the "oomph" girl; was an icon in furs. You want huge fur muffs? We got huge fur muffs:




Nora Prentiss and Unfaithful being the best for Ann in furs. About 18 pics of Ann now in the gallery in stupendous furs.


I found some great new ones of Ann Margret in furs too now in the gallery...here is a sample. Ann Margret in huge blue fox trim:



And don't forget another gorgeous redhead Brenda Vaccaro...dark in the movie Midnight Cowboy; close ups of the sex in red fox in the gallery now.

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