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Anyone else read webcomics?


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If there is anything on the web I like better than pics of furs, it's info about video games, and reading webcomics.


You can see a lot of the comics I read at the links page of my own comic.


Yet the reason I'm making this thread now is that one of my favorites has reached an interesting milestone. And the homage, to one of the best newspaper comics ever, doesn't hurt it. Yet the regular strips of Irregular Webcomic are pure gold as well.


For example, the best, hands down, Star Wars joke I have ever read.


Of course that may not be the funniest to you, but feel free to share what you like.

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no love for the perry bible fellowship?


for those with a somewhat twisted sense of humor.


Actually, this is the first time I saw a link to it, instead of a passing reference. It is an interesting one.

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